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Museology? What’s THAT doing here?

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Those in the know will soon realize I have taken great liberties with the word “Museology.”   The word is not trademarked, or copyrighted or anything, but its general meaning refers to a career path in the museum field.  A Museologist is a person who manages collections for a museum.  I am not a museologist, amateur or professional.  So with apologies to those of you who ARE, I’m appropriating the word because I like the sound of it, and it looks compatible with this site!  The part of the official definition I like best is:  “It is the process of keeping…items of interest, and the additional process of educating a constituency, that is usually encompassed by the term museology.”  (Thanks to Timothy Campbell for this quote on paragraph 5 of his page).

This category is for “keeping items of interest” which may not fit into other categories.  Here is the output of my personal MusEology, random thoughts, and commentary.  The part about “educating a constituency” well, we’ll see about that.  It’s not my primary aim, but it would be fun if my ramblings were of use.  I’m certainly attempting to educate myself  here.  More about that in my “Why I Blog?” post coming up.

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Emotional Freedom

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There are a lot of therapies–physical and psychological–out there for us consumers. The newest Energy therapies are among the quickest and most effective, in my opinion. The theory is that the experience of being in a body gives us a lot of reactions to things. On top of that, the people who interact with us (parents, teachers, friends and family) are not always as kind to us as we would hope. These experiences and interactions are stored in our physical body, in its energy system. There is a lot of electrical energy surging through our bodies at any given time. When conditions which don’t further our well-being are experienced, some part of the electrical system “codes” them into us. Energy Therapies like Emotional Freedom Techniques address the system to get the energy flowing again and release the blocks which hold us back. At first I thought this was yet another fad, and it may be. The field is evolving quickly, and what is trendy today in this area may be passe tomorrow. However, in my experience, so far, these techniques address major and minor physical and emotional issues faster, and with more lasting results than anything else.

For those of us wishing to remain positive and recognize the good in our lives, EFT can get the “stuff” out of the way easily and quickly so we can maintain a good-feeling place. If this is of interest, here are a couple of links. The first is to the main EFT website, maintained by the founder and my teacher, Gary Craig. There are literally hundreds of case studies and free background literature there. The second is to the website of a fabulous EFT Master who combines EFT with the “Law of Attraction”–and they are very compatible indeed: Carol Look

I’ve seen these therapies work wonders in my own life, and in those of my clients. I’ll be telling my favorite EFT stories in future posts.

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