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Science with a question mark

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I’ll admit to having had a clandestine love affair with the Muse of Science for a long, long time. I took things apart to see how they worked, I did experiments in my parents’ kitchen, and I could look at bugs for hours. (Fortunately, I didn’t take THEM apart). I don’t know how far I’ll get with this category, but let me say, categorically (hehe) that I am not a trained scientist; I’m a layperson, civilian, non-scientist with a degree in (gasp!) Humanities. So how come I have a “Science” or even a “Science?” category on my blog? Part of the answer is that I’m one of those folks who believe that Science and Spirituality meet, complement each other, and at the end of the day, are pretty much the same thing. Since I’m posting this in the Science? and not the Philosophy area I’d better talk about which kinds of science I like, and why, and stretch their parameters as far as I can.

Well, these days people can hardly talk about Science and Spirituality together in the same sentence without mentioning theoretical physics, or quantum physics or New physics. I can hear the groans coming from some legit. scientists, and I don’t blame them a bit. We new-thought, new-age, airy-fairy angels have appropriated a perfectly legitimate branch of science, and are using it to further our own questionable agendas!

While I do think mystical experience is “real” (what is reality?), I don’t think we need to be “lost in space” mentally or to abandon science to discuss it. Terms like strange matter, charm quark, and nontrivial topology delight me. I know science is supposed to be fun, but whimsical? Why not?

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Is it Music if it doesn’t make a sound?

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My involvement in music is much on a subjective, subtle level. There are a plethora of books about “Music and Healing” or “Sound Healing” and I think I own most of them. That is until I go to Amazon‘s site and see how many MORE there are. I’m not quite comfortable with the use of the word “healing” in this context, but that’s a whole other story I’ll address in a post “coming soon to your local blog”. I’m all about using sound to affect consciousness. Or perhaps to invite consciousness to allow music and sound in. But I’m not so much a performer as a lurker. This may seem strange to those who observe me–after all, I do play several instruments, and I’m active in a few performing groups.

In a discussion with a friend the other day, I pointed out that we each come to our bands, choruses, or orchestras with our individual set of expectations, or needs if you will (I don’t use that term lightly). For me, by far the most important aspect of membership in a musical group is the rehearsals, not the performances. The energy, camaraderie and learning which go on during a set of rehearsals make them spiritual experiences. In fact, for some years, my musical organizations were my temples. I say all this because, when quizzed, other members of a current organization say their purpose is the opportunity to perform for their friends; or it’s their job; or they want to learn new/better technique. I told my friend, in our discussion on how to move the group forward, that we really ought to consider what brings each of us there, as we each have different expectations, and no one philosophy should be deemed “right”–just agreed upon.

So, as a lurker, I like to read my books about Sound, and it’s effect on Consciousness. I like to assimilate World music, not just the neo-classical system of Western notation and sound production I was taught. The richness and expansiveness of Mid-Eastern and Asian scale forms adds so much to my understanding. These cultural musics expand my concepts of how far our consciousness can reach. Most of all, I enjoy chant. Chant from many cultures, of course. Chanting can be the simplest yet most profound music there is. After all, our first instrument is the voice. When we are allowed to use it to express our moods, feelings, devotion and divine nature we are truly tuning to the sound of all.

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