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Music Heals – but was it sick to start with?

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Sound or Music Healing is one of the fastest growing Arts therapies. Among the many books I own about the deliberate and conscious use of sound are about a dozen which use either the words “sound” or “music” in the title along with the words “healing” or “health”. I support the concept of feeling better, using sound therapy as an aid. I’m a member of the Sound Healing Network, and I have a diploma in Music Therapy. I love working with sound, and have seen it help in expanding consciousness and well-being.

I just feel like quibbling with semantics, here (a popular pastime of mine). For something or someone to be “healed” it is necessary to imply there was something “wrong” with them to start. This is just not, in my view, the case. I am not a medical practitioner, so I cannot speak with legal authority on these matters, but I have come to believe, after studying Energy therapies, and Sound and Vibrational treatment methods, that disease, or for that matter, any other unwanted condition, is a result of imbalances in our energy systems. We may be experiencing these imbalances for any number of reasons–some of which may actually be helpful to our personal growth or physical survival. When we come to a place where we’re ready for balance, we often seek assistance. We generally seek a cure or a therapy.

But, what if we took another approach? What if we regarded the manifestation (‘disease’ or ‘injury’) as “that which is no longer wanted or needed”? I know it seems obvious that a painful or unpleasant condition is not wanted or needed, but, in looking at the energy system, it appears the symptom was once a way to protect the system, just as an oyster makes a pearl out of an irritating grain of sand.

We can allow our “pearls” to be released for better use elsewhere. Our “energy pearls” are compacted, hard lumps of stuck energy which are ready to be released. How do we know this? Because they are in our awareness. Please see postings under topic “EFT” for more.

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