Everything is Spiritual

Posted on August 7, 2007. Filed under: Philosophy, Spirituality |

I give up. When I started this WeBLog, I wanted to tag each post with only one topic or category. My interests are intertwined, however. Computer Games can be Spiritual Experiences. Music merges with Science and Spirituality, and is an important component in Games. And Science—well, you get the picture. Certainly my favorite Energy Therapy is Spiritual, to me. After all, it talks about ENERGY, and not just the fluffy definition (Wow, she has good ENERGY, man!) but a concept, a movement, a force which can be measured–oooh, some Science sneaked in here!

I thought choosing to write within one topic at a time would be a good discipline. Perhaps. But given my holographic mind and rambling nature, my true self will leak out. I go where the Muses lead.

I’ll keep my list of topics, because I like them. But I’ll succumb to cross-categorizing here, as I do in life.


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I like the way you think.

Thanks so much! Back atcha.

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