Adventure Game Update – XP help

Posted on August 8, 2007. Filed under: Games |

I’m told that several of the games I’ve reviewed are not playable on Windows XP.  I know, I know.  Of the “Out of the Box” games I mentioned in an earlier post, only Syberia I & II are XP compatible.  The Myst series was re-issued for XP, but I’ve read mixed reviews about how well they work.  The 95/98 emulator/compatability thingy in XP doesn’t do diddly for these games.  I’ve been nursing my 9-year-old laptop along, since it still runs Windows 98, and therefore all my classic game favorites, but now it needs a new battery…is it worth it?

Happily, I’ve discovered a site run by a person who’s also geekily nostalgic for the older graphic adventures.  He’s got XP system tweaks for some of my favorites, and many others.  I am far from being a programmer, but I am able to follow instructions, and if I do so for each game I’m interested in, it works on my desktop running XP!  I don’t have VISTA yet, we’ll have to cross that bridge at some point.

So, here are XP bandaids for  Zork Nemesis ,  and  Beyond Time .  There’s a nifty download that instantly makes  Zork Grand Inquisitor  playable on XP, too.  (I didn’t review Inquisitor, but play it, play it, it’s really fun).

I send many thanks for his work on this to  Inferno !  His site says compatibility for Amber: Journeys Beyond is still in progress.

Of course, to play any of these games, you have to have the original CD/DVDs.  Since they’re older, your best bet is to shop around online, ebay, Amazon, etc.  Good luck fellow adventure buffs!

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3 Responses to “Adventure Game Update – XP help”

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Thanks for the links! I also have older computers, even a couple 286 machines, for when I get nostalgic for some good adventure games. 🙂

Make sure to read the label before buying to avoid the incompatiablity

Thanks, windows games, and absolutely read the label. Games change faster that I can keep up with. There are still a few people out there like me who have kept their old Windows 98 games and want to play them on VISTA, and it’s nice to know there are those “tweaks” for people like us!

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