We moved time, literally.–I’m not kidding!

Posted on August 13, 2007. Filed under: Science, Spirituality, Travel |

Just returned from the Noetic Sciences conference. (Noetics is a branch of philosophy concerned with the study of intellect and thought). Had a fabulous mind-bending/expanding time. Topics discussed will fuel this blog for some time. I didn’t know we attendees would get to participate in one of Dr. Dean Radin‘s notorious experiments. We now believe that clock time is not static (see earlier post “There’s No Time Like Physics” for more on this) so Dr. Radin decided to have us all see if we could affect the passage of time with our collective intention. I know this sounds way-out, far-out, hippy-dippy—-but that’s theoretical physics for you. We put our intention upon a desire to hear continuous cricket song (yes, that’s cricket song–more about why and how tomorrow) and preliminary results appear to show an effect upon the passage of time. The experiment will continue, with lots more trials. And, for the first one, I was there.

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2 Responses to “We moved time, literally.–I’m not kidding!”

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Interesting! Tell us more! I would say time is constant, but the way we perceive time is not, giving us the illusion that time changes it’s speed. After all I’m rather inclined to see time as an illusion, the sense of something that is not really there per-se, but that is needed to structure our living. Imagine a collapse of the time dimension. 🙂 Take dreaming for example. Sometimes i fall asleep and dream something that my mind estimates must have taken at least a few hours. A long story. I wake up and only 5 minutes have passed. Tha brain has been dreaming in super speed, which also means it has processed data at super speed. Time is interesting. I feel a blog post about this coming 😉

Yes, dreamtime is elastic. My question is “Which reality is waking, and which sleeping?” I believe native Australians beleive they “dream the world into existence”. Thanks for all the comments!

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