Staying Positive in a Strange Universe

Posted on August 18, 2007. Filed under: Science, Spirituality |

I choose to believe that our universe(s) is/are supportive of our conscious growth.  Since I can choose my beliefs, why wouldn’t I want to choose that?

A bunch of bloggers have already posted the following, but I couldn’t resist adding my two (relative) cents:  Scientists have observed phenomena that moved faster than the speed of light!  The article is cautious, but hopeful.  The Telegraph (UK) has another take, and a great picture of Einstein.  So, are there indeed no constants in the Universe?  As much as I love science, I don’t need it to prove anything to me.  I mainly navigate reality by making it up as I go along.  A great quote from a novel I read (alas, I forget which, now) is “I knew it was true, because I made it up myself.”  This has become a semi-mantra for me recently.

I’m about to delve into sociology and group theory, a little bit, here–I don’t usually go there, but life circumstances have brought them to my attention.  I have been deeply involved in a couple of non-profit organizations for some years.  I’ve managed to achieve high-level management functions in each (Board officer, or otherwise “authority” figure).  This year, I walked away from one of the groups, and, conversely, watched as several Board members walked away from the other, while I stayed behind.  So much of all this shifting activity was from deep unhappiness (not necessarily mine).  Both groups had failed to live up to the high standards of the people who left them.  There was a lot of self-righteous posturing in both.

I now attempt to detach myself from the emotional tornados, and ask myself:   “Does contributing to this organization make me happy?  Does being here support the congruency of Who I Am?  Am I glad to see the other members, and am I supportive of their goals?”  If I can genuinely answer “Yes!” to all three questions, then, I feel, I am in the right place for now.  If not, I need to be elsewhere, both for my own conscious expansion, and for the good of the group.

Do these questions apply to all relationships, too?  I would think so.  Do I have the courage to always implement them in my personal life?  –I’ll get back to you on that.  Cheers!

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2 Responses to “Staying Positive in a Strange Universe”

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Greetings from a fellow blogger with the same interests – liked your site!

And… just because scientists haven’t discovered or acknowledged something, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, even if they like to think it is so 😉

Kind regards,

Thanks, Kristina, for stopping by. I agree science does not have all the answers. I doesn’t even have all the questions! But, it’s a fun area to play in. I think reality is what we choose it to be. Your blog is thought provoking, also. Cheers!

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