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Are We Music?

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With all the discussion going on about Quanta, in science, or Energy, in transformative therapy, or Vibration, in music, I found myself delving into an extensive paper that extends String Theory (physics) to Chord Theory (us; you and me, as dimensional vibratory constructs).  The paper is a long read.  Let me just make a few comments here.

The author relates many anecdotes about human and natural behavior.  He stresses serendipity in his stories.  I believe he means to illustrate the connectedness of everything, along the path of a search for a “theory of everything” beloved by physicists.  He states there is much more involved in the theory than “just” physics, though.  He brings in topics such as “love, faith, truth and beauty“.  His chord theory postulates that we can “tune up” these areas of our lives any way we like.  The universe is malleable, and no elements more so than we ourselves.

The author says that “all is vibration” [maybe], and therefore is Music [hmmm].  I would tend to agree (see previous post on Crickets, Plants, Water, and Black Holes all making Music).  However, what that “means” is certainly subject to individual interpretation.  If you like anecdotes, give this read a try.  Let me know what you think!  Chord Theory

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