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Singing DNA and the B-flat in space

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If all matter is really vibration, and vibration is sound, then we are sound.  I received some additional information regarding two articles I posted recently:  Are we music?  and  Crickets Sing…As if.

I like it when I post something, and then people I know who don’t want to write about it send me stuff.  I get to take credit for posting the information, but others have done the work.  Thanks!

We may indeed be music.  A researcher and musician has derived a way to listen to the sound of our DNA.  Or at least what DNA would sound like if we could hear it.  This is speculative, because it attempts to translate one sort of information (light waves) to another (audible sound), but I find it a fascinating inquiry.

At the end of my “Crickets” post, I included a link to an article reporting the sound made by a black hole in space.  This sound was actually measurable.  Well, here is an article explaining how that sound was measured, and how sound travels through space.  If you are like me, you thought sound did not travel in the vacuum of space, right?

I like to update and add to the discussion.  Let me know what you think, too!

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