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A Blog is like a Schnauzer

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I felt like having a break from the serious articles…but this may be more “serious” than I think. I’ve had this blog up and running for less than two months, and already I’ve noticed it requires more care than a pet! Many have probably posted on this. I wish I’d read them. The amount of preparation and maintenance and attention I’ve put into this project has its rewards…but who’s going to blog-sit when I go on vacation?

Here are some comparisons of having a dog, with having a blog:

Dog: Must be “let out” in the morning and evening to relieve self of waste products.
Blog: Owner must sort, moderate, identify and release SPAM.

Blog: Needs new POST
(In both cases, can be left alone for a day or two–but quality [of life? of freshness?] will decline after that).

Dog: Wants to PLAY
Blog: Wants to ENGAGE

Dog: Must take for a walk, exercise, see the world.
Blog: Must visit other blogs, sometimes sniff and be friendly (leave comments), otherwise why blog?

Dog: Requires BRUSHING several times a week.
Blog: Requires MAINTENANCE, i.e. fixing broken links, editing posts with new information, spiffing up the appearance.

Dog: May get testy and whiny if ignored for very long.
Blog: Doesn’t say anything. Doesn’t do anything. But silently reproaches owner with dormant pixels when computer is off.

Dog: Gives LOVE. Sometimes. When feels like it.
Blog: Gives COMMENTS. Sometimes. When feels like them.

Dog: While minding one’s own business, going about one’s day, concentrating on other things, will sometimes wonder, “Is the dog alright?”
Blog: All as above, but substitute “blog” for “dog”.

Well, you get the idea. Does anyone know where I can sign up for Blog Obedience Training?

Lately, I’ve noticed that when I meet a friend, and ask how their children are, they ask me how my blog is. I knew I was going to enjoy writing and editing and tending to my blog. I just didn’t realize it would become part of my family.

[NOTE: No blogs were harmed during the creation of this post.

[Disclaimer: my use of the breed name “schnauzer” does not imply endorsement of, or preference for, this particular breed of dog (although those schnauzers I’ve met are mostly very nice). I just liked the sound of the word “schnauzer” in my post.

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