A Blog is like a Schnauzer

Posted on September 6, 2007. Filed under: Games, Musings |

I felt like having a break from the serious articles…but this may be more “serious” than I think. I’ve had this blog up and running for less than two months, and already I’ve noticed it requires more care than a pet! Many have probably posted on this. I wish I’d read them. The amount of preparation and maintenance and attention I’ve put into this project has its rewards…but who’s going to blog-sit when I go on vacation?

Here are some comparisons of having a dog, with having a blog:

Dog: Must be “let out” in the morning and evening to relieve self of waste products.
Blog: Owner must sort, moderate, identify and release SPAM.

Blog: Needs new POST
(In both cases, can be left alone for a day or two–but quality [of life? of freshness?] will decline after that).

Dog: Wants to PLAY
Blog: Wants to ENGAGE

Dog: Must take for a walk, exercise, see the world.
Blog: Must visit other blogs, sometimes sniff and be friendly (leave comments), otherwise why blog?

Dog: Requires BRUSHING several times a week.
Blog: Requires MAINTENANCE, i.e. fixing broken links, editing posts with new information, spiffing up the appearance.

Dog: May get testy and whiny if ignored for very long.
Blog: Doesn’t say anything. Doesn’t do anything. But silently reproaches owner with dormant pixels when computer is off.

Dog: Gives LOVE. Sometimes. When feels like it.
Blog: Gives COMMENTS. Sometimes. When feels like them.

Dog: While minding one’s own business, going about one’s day, concentrating on other things, will sometimes wonder, “Is the dog alright?”
Blog: All as above, but substitute “blog” for “dog”.

Well, you get the idea. Does anyone know where I can sign up for Blog Obedience Training?

Lately, I’ve noticed that when I meet a friend, and ask how their children are, they ask me how my blog is. I knew I was going to enjoy writing and editing and tending to my blog. I just didn’t realize it would become part of my family.

[NOTE: No blogs were harmed during the creation of this post.

[Disclaimer: my use of the breed name “schnauzer” does not imply endorsement of, or preference for, this particular breed of dog (although those schnauzers I’ve met are mostly very nice). I just liked the sound of the word “schnauzer” in my post.

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18 Responses to “A Blog is like a Schnauzer”

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Absolutely hilarious. I will be linking to your blog under another persona.

Thank you, timethief.
As you are a WordPress.com diva, it is an honor to have your link πŸ™‚

Great post -and as I’m the proud owner of a dog (along with the blog, hehe) I can surely relate to this!

I’m glad you stopped by, RaZz. I had a lot of fun with this one. And (as you know!) it’s all true.

haha, what a comparison, but ironically true to an extent!

I’m happy it made you giggle, sulz. Good to have your lips on my blog πŸ™‚

Great post! Its true, this blog really does require more time than I thought.

Thanks for your comment and the video link!

You’re welcome, exhalation. It feels so ‘intense’ to be a blogger sometimes. I just had to laugh at myself a little.

Thanks for the laugh. I’d never thought of a blog being like a pet before, but it makes sense! I think mine is more like a cat, though. It’s vain, moody and has fleas (spam), but every day it surprises me in a new way. πŸ™‚

cj, I hear you. I like dogs, but am actually more of a cat person. However, “dog” rhymes with “blog” so I felt it necessary to sacrifice my personal pet preference for the sake of art!:D

Nice Post…

Don’t mind me Muse, I am just doing some required visiting and commenting…I’ll be gone before you know it.

I do a little of this everyday… so my keyboard won’t bark like crazy when I am away.


hunh? Well, poet, I’ll allow this one, since you do appear to have a poetry blog, with some interesting and off-beat compositions. But, I’ll just ask: “Did you READ my post?”

Hello Muse

I did read your post – I liked it. I thought it was clever and funny.

I thought I would be clever and funny too. Apparently my humor and attempt at loose parody fell like a lead balloon…oh well.

What exactly are “off-beat compositions”?

Be Well

Poetman, you are right! I did not get it. When I re-read your comment, I understood the context. I feel a bit dense, at the moment 😦 and appreciate the clarification. I usually approach serious topics here, and was taking a break. I’ll remember to let others do the same in the future–my apologies.
As for off-beat compositions, I’m thinking like a musician, here. There’s “Mary Had a Little Lamb”, for instance. Very nice in its way, but predictable. Then there’s Gershwin’s “I got Rhythm”. Off-beat. Stirs me up in unexpected ways. Not predictable. Your comments, prose, and poetry are like that for me. I will visit your blog, and read more–and in the meantime, I’d better feed my barking keyboard. Cheers, and thanks for coming back πŸ™‚

I’ve got a giggle too today and thanks, it was what I needed. Are you new in blogland? I haven’t looked around much (yet) except at the first post. Wishing you peace and happiness today. ~ RS ~

Thanks for your wishes, Ruby. I am experiencing an infusion of goodwill today. I’m about two months old in blogland now–this is my very first blog! It continues to be much more of a growth experience that I had anticipated. It’s interesting to be “out there” in this way. πŸ™‚

FUNNY!!! too cute. You crack me up. in a good way.

Oh, you found this one, C !!! Thanks, I had a really good time with this. πŸ™‚

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