Lessons I will learn, someday…How ’bout today, please?

Posted on September 18, 2007. Filed under: EFT, Musings, Spirituality |

Lesson #1 – Do not wait ’til the day you are to deliver a report to edit and print that report. I did that today, and I sure was sorry. When things get busy, sometimes they get put on the back burner–but, they can catch fire back there, since I’m not watching. Which brings me to

Lesson #2 – Do not respond emotionally when under stress from #1, above. I don’t always appreciate who I am when I have too many “irons in the fire”. Interesting expression, that. After I wrote it, I imagined it must be a blacksmithing term, and found that though there are a couple other definitions, the major one seems to involve having more metal pieces ready to be hammered than the blacksmith can deal with at one time. This is considered a mis-use of resources. So I mis-use my resources when I’m in a rush, feeling pressure, or have procrastinated. This is fine, as I have remedies for all these things. There’s my energy therapy, or vocal toning, or even taking a few deep breaths and asking myself if I am in a calm, comfortable connected place. But, here’s

Lesson #3 – Learn to be aware when it’s time to apply a tool or remedy. This is a challenge I have yet to overcome. I’m perfectly able to use my tools, and get to a better feeling place, except…when I forget! I think stressful situations can bring up old programming in the biocomputer, and part of that programming is “coping” in old ways, which may or may not have been useful at the time they were initiated, but were really invented for a person who’s some years younger than the current Me.

Lesson #4 – Be gentle with oneself. One of the hardest things, sometimes, is allowing myself human error. Notice I say “error” not “wrongness”, or “badness”. I’m quite capable of making an error in judgment. The error is apparent when the thought or action does not bring me uplifting results. This is part of the condition of being human, I think, but the challenge is in telling myself, “OK, I’ve just seen an example of how I don’t want to be in life. Now, I can identify the qualities I AM seeking”.

Lesson #5 – Alright, maybe I haven’t been completely pleased by my recent thoughts and actions, but I can let them be, until I’ve integrated my new learning. When I can, it literally realigns the universe, which then supports me and others who’ve intersected my energy field. Actually the support is always there, it’s just when I choose to believe the lie that I am less than worthy that I cut myself off from it.

Lesson #6 – What I think of others is none of their business–or mine! In my previous post, I mentioned a book title I liked: What You Think of Me is None of My Business. I’m discovering it works the other way around–imagine that! When I believe I know the answer to how someone else “should” behave, I’m really just succumbing to a less than optimal state of functionality. This does the world, and me, no good, and I’d prefer to weigh in on the side of good.

Enough lessons for one day. I’m off to meditate, tone, and regain my equilibrium. Peace.

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6 Responses to “Lessons I will learn, someday…How ’bout today, please?”

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Fantastic lessons to live by! I’ve read the book “What you think of me is none of my business” long ago. I found it at a flea market in Southern CA waiting for me to pick it up and buy it. …and of course, it was perfectly timed for what I needed to learn at the time. I am a too many irons in the fire person too and I’ve come to embrace the why’s of it—always struggling with where the line is when it stats hurting others, my performance, and what I give back to the word. It’s mu ongoing most difficult challenge. I am a student of the universe—always hungry for more more more. I need to be careful to allow absorbtion. I’m like a kid at Christmas–opening more and more gifts…looking behind the tree, the chairs, the microwave, the house, the neigborhood, the state, on and on….thanks for sharing this post—and I am happy to discover your blog! Yet another gift today!

I so appreciate your seeing my blog as a gift! I’m glad we multi-taskers can support each other. Thanks so much for contributing to my well-being with your comment.

Wow…lesson 6 was my lesson yesterday. Why is it that even when we think we are helping someone by telling them our opinion, it cuts us off from “The Source”? Even though our intentions are good, they are ours, not theirs. That is the key…focus on your path, and trust that others will join you or meet you on your path to help guide you and teach you. I like your lessons.

It’s good to see you again, travelman. I agree that the most important thing is to focus on one’s own path. It’s remarkably easy to get pulled away from that, though, which is why I needed my own lessons! 🙂 You mentioned…”even when we think we are helping…” Do you think any of us can truly help someone else?
I’m beginning to think, not. We can be there in a compassionate way, and live as uplifting a life as possible. I think we can be of service, but only when coming from a place of alignment. Your statement about trusting others to join us–to teach and to guide–was illuminating. I know it did me a world of good to read your comment, Thank you.

Here’s how I think about helping people right now:
It makes me feel good when I can empower someone…but the trap I fall into is trying to empower people who don’t want my help. I think “Abraham” talks about your power of influence, which can only happen, like you said, when you’re in alignment. So, I guess we stay aligned and that is the best way to “help” people-by example??

Thanks for coming on back, Felipe. I agree. Sometimes it feels like a big responsibility to “set an example”! If we’re each focused on our own connection and well-being, perhaps others will see that and want that, too.

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