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I promise not to create your Reality for You

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Once again, a reader has left a comment, and asked a question which caused me to think, and really evaluate my position. I feel so fortunate to have such thoughtful–and thought provoking–readers who really want to engage with the ideas we’re exploring. By the time I had answered RubyShooZ‘s question, I had enough for a new post, so here it goes:

The issue of “blame” comes up a lot in relation to such teachings as found in the movie and book The Secret, or those found in certain New Thought or New Age philosophies. While I appreciate the movie The Secret, I’m not fully in tune with ALL of its teachers, or the fact that the title implies that these teachings are a mystery which has only recently been discovered.

I’m in no way endorsing or trying to sell a philosophy here. In fact, if one doesn’t like the notion of creating ones own reality, I would support that person in *not* embracing this belief. I think beliefs, methods, tools, and philosophies are only valuable if they help us to reach a better-feeling place.

As far as blame goes, I know how easy it is to interpret these teachings as if it is my “fault” if I get sick, or don’t have enough money, or have bad relationships, or whatever. Just as I would not “blame” anyone for being in the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, I would not blame anyone for any unwanted condition in their lives. In fact, I think that’s where a lot of the confusion comes in. If we “attract” something, or “create” something, it often sounds as if we “want” that thing. That’s not necessarily the case. Most people don’t go around “wanting” poverty, or bad relationships, or illness–if they do, they have a whole other set of issues.

I’m including a link to a set of videos by Bob Doyle, one of the “Secret” teachers I do enjoy. I want to point out that I’m not endorsing Mr. Doyle per se, in fact, I’m not a member of his program, although I’m considering joining, as I do like the way he presents information. (And, he uses my favorite energy therapy, EFT 🙂 ). The second video in the set is about 8 minutes long, and specifically addresses the question of blame.

I personally find the belief that I “create my own reality” tremendously liberating. It puts into context things I’ve been diagnosed with, or relationships and situations I’ve had, as well as giving me tools for the present and future.

However another one of my beliefs is that I can choose which beliefs to have. Sometimes I choose scientific validation as the basis for my beliefs, and sometimes intuitive understanding. Sometimes, a combination of both.

So, to any who are kind enough to read this, please know that I, and other off-beat seekers like me 😉 don’t blame anyone for any condition they find less than optimal. I just want to go from here, and use tools and find ways that enable me and you to feel even better than we already do. Shalom.

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