I promise not to create your Reality for You

Posted on September 21, 2007. Filed under: EFT, Science, Spirituality |

Once again, a reader has left a comment, and asked a question which caused me to think, and really evaluate my position. I feel so fortunate to have such thoughtful–and thought provoking–readers who really want to engage with the ideas we’re exploring. By the time I had answered RubyShooZ‘s question, I had enough for a new post, so here it goes:

The issue of “blame” comes up a lot in relation to such teachings as found in the movie and book The Secret, or those found in certain New Thought or New Age philosophies. While I appreciate the movie The Secret, I’m not fully in tune with ALL of its teachers, or the fact that the title implies that these teachings are a mystery which has only recently been discovered.

I’m in no way endorsing or trying to sell a philosophy here. In fact, if one doesn’t like the notion of creating ones own reality, I would support that person in *not* embracing this belief. I think beliefs, methods, tools, and philosophies are only valuable if they help us to reach a better-feeling place.

As far as blame goes, I know how easy it is to interpret these teachings as if it is my “fault” if I get sick, or don’t have enough money, or have bad relationships, or whatever. Just as I would not “blame” anyone for being in the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, I would not blame anyone for any unwanted condition in their lives. In fact, I think that’s where a lot of the confusion comes in. If we “attract” something, or “create” something, it often sounds as if we “want” that thing. That’s not necessarily the case. Most people don’t go around “wanting” poverty, or bad relationships, or illness–if they do, they have a whole other set of issues.

I’m including a link to a set of videos by Bob Doyle, one of the “Secret” teachers I do enjoy. I want to point out that I’m not endorsing Mr. Doyle per se, in fact, I’m not a member of his program, although I’m considering joining, as I do like the way he presents information. (And, he uses my favorite energy therapy, EFT πŸ™‚ ). The second video in the set is about 8 minutes long, and specifically addresses the question of blame.

I personally find the belief that I “create my own reality” tremendously liberating. It puts into context things I’ve been diagnosed with, or relationships and situations I’ve had, as well as giving me tools for the present and future.

However another one of my beliefs is that I can choose which beliefs to have. Sometimes I choose scientific validation as the basis for my beliefs, and sometimes intuitive understanding. Sometimes, a combination of both.

So, to any who are kind enough to read this, please know that I, and other off-beat seekers like me πŸ˜‰ don’t blame anyone for any condition they find less than optimal. I just want to go from here, and use tools and find ways that enable me and you to feel even better than we already do. Shalom.


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5 Responses to “I promise not to create your Reality for You”

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Thank you for taking the time to write this and go into some detail concerning what came up in the other post. I am running on empty right now but do plan on coming back and checking out the links some.

Thank you too for going further in depth on this subject. I’m fairly openminded I like to think so I will check it out. Sleep is calling though.

Peace and beliefs.

~ RS ~

Ruby, I so appreciate your openmindedness, and your continuing welcoming of comments and new thoughts. Rest is a needed and nurturing commodity, and I wish for you all you need. Peace, and thanks for your visit!

Hi Muse πŸ™‚

Hmmm, well if I’m understanding you correctly, on the one hand, you’re saying that you’re aligned with (and find “liberating”) the notion that you create the good stuff, but are not wanting any part of the notion that you might have something to do with the not-so-good stuff, lol πŸ˜‰ Well, alrighty then.

I haven’t read “The Secret,” but I did watch a little video of it online. It does seem to be missing some pieces. For me, it makes sense that if you create some of it, then you create all of it. And, in fact, that would be the only way it would truly be empowering. That shows that we have power over all of it. Otherwise, “something else” has power over us, and I simply don’t believe that. That’s true only if we allow it, and we do plenty of that.

The part in “the secret” that seems to be missing is that of the power of the subconscious. In fact, that is a key issue in our manifesting, which we are continually doing — consciously or not. That’s why it’s so important that we become aware of just how powerful our energy is. The thing is, “beliefs” have already been established in us from childhood, and consequently, that is what most of us are creating our lives with. Doesn’t it make sense? Children who were taught that they were “nothing,” “no good,” “would amount to nothing,” more often than not manifest that very thing as adults. Children who are taught that they are valuable, loveable, special, can “do anything” or “be anything” they choose, generally do well. Not because they know “the secret,” just because they have these fine beliefs already in their subconscious from childhood. But even more potent than telling children these things is the energy of their parents — that’s the real deal. We absorb that most potently, no matter what they say.

MANY of us have similar beliefs about wealth and poverty. Clearly (since very few of us are mega-wealthy) have the belief that we have to work our asses off to make it in this world. Many of us were raised by people who lived through the depression… They burned many beliefs of scarcity and lack into our brains, and we grew up and are struggling because of those old beliefs.

All anyone has to do is look at what they were taught as a child, the “energy” of their parents (tightwads?, “money doesn’t grow on trees,” or spend, spend, spend it while ya’ gotta it… ) Believe it or not, we absorb the energy of our parents. And it’s more what they do/believe (their thoughts/beliefs — conscious and subconscious) than what they say. Just look at people and their grown kids, it’s telling.

Now our real challenge is to change the nasty ole subconscious beliefs by continually thrashing them with our conscious affirmations πŸ™‚ But those have to align with a heart feeling…that is, we’ve got to convince the “Universe” or our body, whatever, that this is now the truth. Again, if that were easy, we’d all be living on “Easy Street.” πŸ˜‰

You can go around all day long saying, “I’m a millionaire,” but it’s futile if you’re consciousness and subconsciousness keeps countering that with, “You’re an idiot, go eat your TV dinner.” lol πŸ˜‰

Now I don’t see that as “blaming,” but once we know this truth, that it is indeed our own energy that creates our poverty or illness, just as it is our own energy that creates our health and wealth, then it’s all in our hands as to what we’re gonna do with that knowledge πŸ™‚ We do indeed create it all.


Hello dovelove, and welcome. I’m enjoying the contributions you’re making to this discussion!:
[…if I’m understanding you correctly, on the one hand, you’re saying that you’re aligned with (and find β€œliberating”) the notion that you create the good stuff, but are not wanting any part of the notion that you might have something to do with the not-so-good stuff, lol]”
I admit I’m not in the market for not-so-good-stuff. I just don’t see some stuff as “good” and other stuff as “bad”. For me, the labels are not useful because they can be interpreted so many different ways by different ones of us. All I can do is ask myself if this situation/belief/emotion is serving me and others. If I determine that it’s not–today–I can choose another thought instead! Sometimes, what I may perceive as “bad” today, may turn out for the “good” later and vice versa. I do take full responsibility for all that I create, and try to stay in the moment with it.
“[For me, it makes sense that if you create some of it, then you create all of it. And, in fact, that would be the only way it would truly be empowering.]”
I completely agree with you there. And I appreciate that you point out the power of the subconscious. You are right when you say that my voices will tell me to stop being an idiot and eat my TV dinner (Have you been eavesdropping?) πŸ™‚ Once I’m aware of those voices, I have a great opportunity to listen, acknowledge, and then consciously choose to let them go.
I like what you say towards the end of your comments, that it’s all in our hands. I feel fortunate that so many of us are becoming aware that we can truly affect our outcomes. I thank you for visiting and contributing to clarity. 8)

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