I don’t crave that!

Posted on September 23, 2007. Filed under: EFT, Health, Science |

I co-facilitated an energy therapy workshop this weekend, and I’m once again blown away by some of the things this EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques—see “Health or EFT” topic) can accomplish. I know I sound like a “true believer” here, but, just take a look at what happened with one participant:

This person presented a compelling, persistent addiction to a certain well known and much consumed soft drink. And not just the general sort of this drink, but a specific brand. The person stated this drink’s positive aspects were energy and well-being, due to the caffeine and sugar involved. The downside? Jitters, unwanted weight gain, and a general conviction that “This isn’t good for me”.

Fortuitously, there was a soft drink machine nearby, and we purchased a can of the drink in question to work with. After a bit of chat to identify the issues, the participant was encouraged to take a sip. “Pretty good”. Then, after a few rounds of EFT “tapping”, another sip was encouraged.

“Really?”, the client asked. “Have as much as you want, I said.”

Mmmmm, big sip. “Wait, I feel all this energy. I feel kind of tingly. And, what?…

“It doesn’t taste like anything!”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s just like drinking soda water, or something. No taste!”

Well, as we went on with the session, the participant just couldn’t get the original taste of the soda back. The person didn’t care for the taste anymore, and therefore, the presented “addiction” was no longer relevant.

I’ve seen this happen over and over while watching clinical training videos, but this was my first dramatic in-person experience of this phenomenon. This result is widely reported for addictions to soda, chocolate, cigarettes, and other substances. Will this client ever crave the particular soda again? Maybe, but perhaps not. And even if the person does, the client now has a tool to address the issue before the dreaded soda is imbibed, and can choose to use it. Even if the craving does persist–and again, many times it does not–with repeated treatment it will likely fade in a short time.

Watching this sort of thing happen in someone’s (and my own) life is like watching real magic, even though there IS a scientific bases for the results. It’s just one of the most gratifying things I do!

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4 Responses to “I don’t crave that!”

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I’m not sure what to make of this. I have some serious experience with addiction and have not witnessed this sort of thing. I’ve seen people (addicts) looking for that original “blast” they got the first time or times and not finding it ever again but – like I said – don’t know what to make of what you have described here.

Thanks for the food for thought. Peace and magik. ~ RS ~

Ruby, I understand. When I first heard about this energy therapy, I thought it was a weird form of hypnosis. It’s not, though.
I continue to appreciate how you look further than popular parameters. My latest post is an EFT/Research video that shows some amazing things. Sending you joy.

What a fascinating account.

Thanks very much, brightfeather. It was certainly amazing to watch it unfolding. I’m glad you came by and read this 🙂

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