Sept. 27 is Blogging for Hope day

Posted on September 27, 2007. Filed under: Musings, Spirituality |

While many bloggers are using today to speak out to end violence, and I applaud their efforts, I prefer to use a quote I first mentioned in my Spirituality in a Nutshell post:

It would be wonderful indeed if a group of persons should arrive on earth who were for something and against nothing.” -E. Holmes

I don’t in any way endorse unpleasant, damaging or coercive behavior. I just prefer to state what I DO support, which is respecting and honoring our fellow beings. I am honored to participate in this day of hope.

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8 Responses to “Sept. 27 is Blogging for Hope day”

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Beautifully said, MusEditions. So much of our lives comes back to how we treat each other, and if we all shared the same values, hopes and dreams, you wonder what our world might really be like. You just have to look at what’s going on in Burma right now to see how important it is we stand up against abuse.

I haven’t finished my post yet, but you’ve inspired me! I’ll get on to it right now. It’s a wonderful initiative and I’m really glad to be part of it. 🙂

Cool. I had no idea we were blogging for hope today. Well, my post goes right along with that message. I definitely enjoy reading your blogs. I downloaded the EFT manual and I’m going to read it soon. Keep posting!

cj: Thank you! I found the link on another blog just in time to include it today. I think we can hold a place of upliftment in our hearts. I will be pleased to read what you have to say!

stm: I appreciate your ongoing support, and I’ll look forward to reading your post, too! The link in my post above contains some banners.

I am one day too late till next time.. But I do support good causes on my blog already but more the better..

Colourful V

C V, I’m happy you came to visit, and I find your blog uplifting. I’ll let you know if I hear of other “blogging days” in the future.

i had no idea yesterday was blogging for hope day. I did lots of blogging yesterday (3 posts in one day, my all time high)… guess I unintentionally contributed lots of hope to the day then.. 🙂

between, I think your Moon post on the celebration of togetherness qualifies! You describe a situation where families are functional and supportive–a very good thing 😉

Thank u so much for ur very welcoming reply to my message…I am glad that I have come too your blog is very inspiring…Btw, I really like the muses descriptions…

Colourful V.

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