The Problems of the World

Posted on October 3, 2007. Filed under: Musings, Spirituality |

When you take the problems of the world on your shoulders, your body doesn’t feel good. It’s just that simple. Leave the problems of the world to the individual problem-makers of the world, and you be the joy-seeker that you are.” — Abraham

This is certainly a provocative statement from the conglomeration of teachers known as “Abraham“. It seems almost impossible to many of us to think that we shouldn’t try to intervene in what we see as wrongs, problems or concerns. I think the guidance referred to: “your body doesn’t feel good”, is an unerring guide. Terms like “gut-wrenching”, and “heartbroken” have crept into our vocabulary. These are not just figures of speech! If something doesn’t feel good to us, our emotions, or our body, then it’s probably something to stay away from.

Lately, I have not been watching or listening to what’s known as “news”. It’s popular to say that the news is depressing, and since I don’t want to be depressed, I won’t listen to the news. I was in this position a short while ago. Detractors from this philosophy tell me that I need to know “…what’s going on in the world.” I do? Why? How will it help me to know unpleasant things? Particularly if I don’t intend to take any action to alleviate them? As they say in Chicago, “Everyone talks about the weather, but no one does anything about it.”

If I choose to tune to a local radio station, I could get a daily dose of war news. That would be fine if I were planning to, for instance, go to Iraq to take some action there. It would be prudent for me to know the current situation there before I go. Otherwise, if I do not enjoy hearing about the war, and I’m not going to actively involve myself in the war, it would be much more beneficial for me, and the people who are around me, not to dwell on it. I can help the human condition much more by keeping my connection with source open and alive. And I believe source does not recognize and connect to that which causes me to feel miserable!

“You see, you’re giving others too much power as you even acknowledge how they make you feel. What you’ve got to decide is how ‘I’m’ going to feel. We would go to a Virtual Reality [imagine a time and place in which I feel wonderful] and we would practice feeling good. Manifestations come on the heels of what you’ve conjured in thought.” — Abraham

I can only be of any real use–to myself and others–if I come from a place of supporting what I believe, rather than arguing against what I don’t. “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”–or so the saying goes–and what happens “out there” stays “out there” unless I go to join it or invite it in to my experience.

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8 Responses to “The Problems of the World”

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Reading ur post reminds me how much we are under
Medias influence we have to remember that
most of the time the info is boost for rating..
I often feel brain washed and so much under
their control but on the other hand I am the
only one who has the power to change my
attitude towards not waching or
listening to it…

Thank u for the *reminder*


AMEN!! I stopped watching morning news because it started my day off with such a downer. Every single day, there would be something about the monstrosities of the world and it made me feel awful. We have no control over others, we only have our power of influence as Abraham says. So focusing on your path and how you feel WILL ultimately help the world be a better place. Great post.

C V: Good point about how we can become brainwashed if we allow ourselves to be seduced by the media. Yes, we can choose whether or not to participate.
Felipe: I sometimes feel selfish when I choose not to engage in the unpleasantness. You encourage me by saying that focusing on the path really will help the world.
Thank you both!

It does feel a little selfish huh? But that’s ok. If it makes you feel like crap watching things you have no influence over, don’t watch it. I had to have that conversation with my partner. It’s not a good way to start my day. 🙂

Wow, interesting post! I tend to come at it from the opposite perspective; I try to avoid being too exposed to the media, hearing the same thing again and again, but I like to have some sense of what’s going on as well. The main reason is that a democracy is controlled by the people; if the people aren’t informed (or worse if their only source is continually biased) then, in my view, that empowers the government to do what it wants unchallenged. My fear is that’s how democracy dies.

But I certainly understand tuning it out. I know on my worst days I just can’t face hearing about another attack or another murder and I’ll watch a movie or read a book instead, try to escape into another reality to take me away from my own… and I definitely know I can do more good to people if I’m in a more solid, secure place… although sometimes it’s the reactions we share to an event like 9/11 which connects us even across the world, so even in that there’s still some hope and light. I guess I see it both ways!

You’ve given me a few thing to think about, Muse. Like always. 😉

I appreciate how open-minded you are, cj! I understand the desire to stay informed and I fully support it, particularly as it helps you to stay connected to the political process, as you say. For me, when I ask myself if I feel “helpful” when I’m doing this, when I check in with how I’m truly feeling–most often Not. But, when I’m inspired to take action, or participate emotionally in something like the great international cosmic shock that was 9/11, then I do act from the heart. Thank you so much for considering my words, and your thoughtful response.

Very good advice, and I could not agree more. True changes in society can only be accomplished when it comes from each of us individually, and one of the key things, as is mentioned in the quote by Abraham, is that each of us must be very careful who and what we lend our personal power to.

Yes–our personal power is our only real asset IMO. It’s within our power to choose. Thanks, Richard for this contribution!

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