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A lot of what I write about here is concerning tools I use to live a “better” life. When I ran out of things to say recently, I had to ask myself, “What is ‘better'”? I want to say that it’s more engaged, more centered, more balanced, more compassionate, more reverent, thrifty, brave…I could go on an on. It occurs to me though, that all those things are about being or having “MORE”. Even something like having “More Simplicity”. There’s irony for you.

How about having less? What about having enough? How about just having–being–doing, without any consideration of “what”? This sounds rather Zen-like in the moment, and that is fine. I’m just not in the mood today for self-improvement, self-development, or even “self”. I’d like to take a breather, and just Be. 8) Salaam.

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10 Responses to “Be-ing”

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yes! we have it all already don’t we! We are so bombarded with commercials and media telling us more more more. Years ago I decided to take less hours at work to have a day off. It was a financial hit but now I don’t think I can ever do 40 hours and give up that one day time to just be. I learned to give up things to have it happen and I now feel richer in so many, more important to me, ways! what a world if we all did that–we’d have something to give each other!

lolll!! MusEdition you made my day!!!..It is so true…Why not just BE neither more nor less….

Colourful Vision

seeing – In my comments list today, the first one I saw was called “seeing on Be-ing”. Melodious and insightful! I enjoy how you write about different ways to feel rich! It’s not always what it seems. I applaud your decision to take that extra day for you. {clapping} Thanks for the insight.

C V – I’m glad you liked it, thank you! I’ll tell you a secret: I was feeling a bit grumpy and rebellious when I wrote it. It felt wonderful to just let go, and the comments add to my joy.

The secret is to have more of what you really want, rather than what you’re told you want.

Good advice, indeed. Discernment is key. Thank you Anthony.

What we want? What’s better? How bout just everything is perfect the way it is? How about being content with what we have….wanting what we have?

Peace and beauty in your lives today.

Yes, RS, wanting what we have brings more peace than about anything. I can’t speak for Anthony, but, perhaps, it’s better ‘not’ to want things which are attempting to be foisted upon us, when they reflect the ‘foister’s’ values and not our own? I do reflect almost nightly upon my gratitude for what I have chosen to embrace, and I thank you for the reminder of that.

Oh yes, you have a good point there…I *don’t* always want what the foisters …(foisterers?)want. Haha, thanks for the smiles tonight too. Peace my friend.

I like to be instinctual when I can and I think that’s a little bit of what you mean here as well (or at least how I’ve taken it!). I like trusting myself to something, not overcomplicating it with should I do more, could I do it differently… sometimes having the strength to just be content and not think says more about you than anything else.

Kind of like Kipling’s If poem… If you can dream-and not make dreams your master;If you can think-and not make thoughts your aim… if I could live my life by that poem, I’d be very happy. 😉

cj, You brought back memories. I was forced, um, I mean, given the opportunity to memorize the Kipling in school, and found after all that it spoke to my soul. I could barely get through it without welling up.
Thanks for your use of the word “instinctual”. I hadn’t thought of it relating to this, but it describes what I was trying to get at perfectly. 🙂

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