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Blog Action Day: The Environment!

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It’s Here !!!

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day

October 15 is the first annual Blog Action Day. We’re told the ‘action issue’ is THE ENVIRONMENT. So here is my one voice of thousands:

As I am wont to do, I’ll start with a definition.

the circumstances, objects, or conditions by which one is surrounded.

That seems pretty straightforward. As I am me (metaphysical topic, next post 🙂 ), I’m looking for positive things to say about the circumstances which surround me. I look out the window and see mountains. I see beauty. I see birds. These are all signs that I have done well in imagining the environment. My feeling about “what to do about the environment”, if such doing is needed, is mainly to “let it be”. On those days when I feel inspired to take action, I think there are some good references at the International Earth Day website: What you can do right now.

As I was examining the site I was delighted to discover a project for any age group that enjoys amateur theatre. I’ve admired the North American author, poet, and wildlife advocate Henry David Thoreau for a long time. There is a new play about him and his life, available at no charge to those wanting to explore his life, philosophy, and friends (including my favorite of his friends, Ralph Waldo Emerson): Walden Play

Along with the play comes wonderful songs, newly composed but reminiscent of 60’s folk songs. They are available too, and samples can be heard here: Walden Songs

What really caught my attention at the Walden site, though was a stunning photo-journal of the grounds where Thoreau lived in a simple cabin in Concord, Massachusetts, and where he connected with nature in a profound way: Visit Walden Pond

We can tour the area, and get a pilgrim’s view of his first visit to this beautiful and inspiring land.

After leaving Walden, I discovered I admired the work of EarthCareCanada. Check them out if you will.

And finally, for all you AOL fans (yes, both of you) 😉 there is AOL’s Green Daily, actually a useful and friendly site with good tips for daily life. Happy Blog Action Day, everyone. 8)

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