Blog Action Day: The Environment!

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It’s Here !!!

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day

October 15 is the first annual Blog Action Day. We’re told the ‘action issue’ is THE ENVIRONMENT. So here is my one voice of thousands:

As I am wont to do, I’ll start with a definition.

the circumstances, objects, or conditions by which one is surrounded.

That seems pretty straightforward. As I am me (metaphysical topic, next post 🙂 ), I’m looking for positive things to say about the circumstances which surround me. I look out the window and see mountains. I see beauty. I see birds. These are all signs that I have done well in imagining the environment. My feeling about “what to do about the environment”, if such doing is needed, is mainly to “let it be”. On those days when I feel inspired to take action, I think there are some good references at the International Earth Day website: What you can do right now.

As I was examining the site I was delighted to discover a project for any age group that enjoys amateur theatre. I’ve admired the North American author, poet, and wildlife advocate Henry David Thoreau for a long time. There is a new play about him and his life, available at no charge to those wanting to explore his life, philosophy, and friends (including my favorite of his friends, Ralph Waldo Emerson): Walden Play

Along with the play comes wonderful songs, newly composed but reminiscent of 60’s folk songs. They are available too, and samples can be heard here: Walden Songs

What really caught my attention at the Walden site, though was a stunning photo-journal of the grounds where Thoreau lived in a simple cabin in Concord, Massachusetts, and where he connected with nature in a profound way: Visit Walden Pond

We can tour the area, and get a pilgrim’s view of his first visit to this beautiful and inspiring land.

After leaving Walden, I discovered I admired the work of EarthCareCanada. Check them out if you will.

And finally, for all you AOL fans (yes, both of you) 😉 there is AOL’s Green Daily, actually a useful and friendly site with good tips for daily life. Happy Blog Action Day, everyone. 8)


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14 Responses to “Blog Action Day: The Environment!”

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I like the earth day site…
Sadly it’s a bit late for just leaving it alone… just by living day-to-day we harm the environment, now it’s time to minimise our impact.

I’m glad you liked the earthday site, kristarella. And thank you for sharing your view on where we are with the environment. I think awareness of our own position is key to sorting out which actions to take in a sea of possibilities!

i checked out the 10 things list. very useful and easy.

we have two refrigerators i the house – so the fridge tips
were really helpful. since both of them are old and we are not the kind of people to buy new stuff when the old ones are working, the checklist is important.

the last one also grabbed my attention. we do use way too much packaging! do we need all that to preserve stuff? and there ought to be a rule
about how much stuff can go into the package itself. if the rule is enforced, then no company will have the option to outdo each other with packaging stuff. 😀 oh god, am i an idealist or what!

When your ship is sinking and you’re surrounded by a sea of possibilities, there’s only one to do – lower the lifeboat and start rowing. The later you leave it, the more likely you are to be sucked down with the wreckage.

And Kristarella, it’s no longer enough to minimise our impact. No, we have to change our impact as well.

hi muse!
actually i have commented on this post earlier – but i did it accidentally under a different username (for my future art blog) while surfing the forum using a different browser. it’s in the moderation queue – ss is me! 😀

Thanks for your thoughtful post, Muse. I think on a day like this there are a lot of posts dealing with the damage to the environment and the impact we’ve made; I think it’s important as well that we have a message of hope to balance that, because otherwise, what are we doing it for? Not everything has to be a call to arms – sometimes to sit back and look at nature and beauty is just as troubling, because it makes us think of what we have to lose. I can really picture your surroundings. Sounds beautiful. 🙂

My perspective on the environment is that we need to change our policies, but that if given a chance I believe nature – and beauty – will survive and reclaim what was lost; that’s evolution, the nature of life. But we have a role to play in that and this initiative has come along at just the right time; it’s getting people talking about the environment in ways that matter to them, and that’s what we need. Politicians and leaders will only act while they know it’s what people want and it’s so important that we keep talking about all the important issues of the 21st century. That’s the only way change is ever brought about, and that’s why I’m proud to have been part of this day as well. Good luck to everyone with their posts. 😀

Hello again, s s, Netty Gritty, and other various identities you may have! Thanks much for coming back. I do appreciate your comments. You embody the kind of inspired action which in turn inspires me! Sometimes awareness of small changes we can make is enough to make those changes seem both joyful and possible. And I think being an idealist is laudable! When an issue like this generates strong emotions, I believe it’s helpful to pay attention to them as we ask ourselves what we are led to do.

Thanks very much for visiting, stonehead. I can feel your passion for your position coming through strongly over the nautical miles. In my view, that’s what this day is about. It’s an opportunity to expose ourselves to many points of light. It seems we sail in different seas, but Gandhi is reported to have said “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Your life and lifestyle certainly qualifies!

Beautifully put, cj. I admire your balanced perspective on this. I particularly appreciate your point “Politicians and leaders will only act while they know it’s what people want…” It’s hugely important–to me–to hold in mind how we want to be represented in government, and to use our right to vote with respect and intention. And yes, it is beautiful where I live. I hope that most people will be able to take a look around and find some beauty to align with today.

Wonderful Post. I was just thinking about posting something about the environment. Thanks for the tips.

[…] are a few tips I read about from MusEditions.  I’m going to make the commitment to join a recycling program for my trash.  Small actions […]

Hello Mus….
I’m writing to congratulate you on showing up on WordPress’s front page! Go bloggers go.
Om shanti.

Thanks for letting me know, yogini! I hadn’t seen it until I noticed your comment, then had to click about 17 times ’til it turned up. 😀
Gives me a wonderful opportunity to work on ‘ego’ and ‘attachment’ 8)
Go bloggers, indeed. Om peace my friend.


Thanks for all ur interesting links..

Colourful Vision..

You are welcome, CV. It is always a pleasure to share ideas with you.

[…] Action Day also got me thinking about something else: Beauty. It was MusEdition’s great post which started it; she described her surroundings and it sounded so beautiful, to turn and look out […]

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