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Environment of the Self

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I and thousands of others took up the challenge to write about the environment on Blog Action Day. I read lots of uplifting, inspiring, and a few complaining posts, and during the day I began to notice that most of us see “The Environment” as something outside ourselves. Now that the official day has come and gone, I find myself reexamining the word, the concept, and the deeper meaning of Environment from a holographic perspective.

I’ll start first with the definition I used for the original action day (Oct.15): “the circumstances, objects, or conditions by which one is surrounded“.

There are lots of other definitions, but the word “surrounded” would seem to indicate separation. I don’t think it does, though. We are surrounded by air, but is the air separate from that in our lungs? We are surrounded by earth (minerals) but we are in fact made of them. It is accepted that our bodies are mostly water. So, where do “I” end and the “environment” begin?

This may sound at first like “merely” a metaphysical question, but, from the examples above, it is clearly physical, too.

So, the environment starts with ourselves. If we are “right” with ourselves, I believe, we will naturally gravitate towards wanting a beautiful, fertile place to live. We will want abundant resources for everyone. We will want to live lightly and peacefully upon our lovely planet.

I, like many, look around me and don’t always see these things in manifest reality. The only, basic, reason I can see pollution, for instance, or limited resources, or overpopulation, is that these things exist in some form in my own mind. When I speak of “cleaning up the environment”, for me, anyway, I must start with the environment I hold in mind. That’s where there is a “mental equivalent” for pollution, or limited resources, or overpopulation.

While I sincerely believe that it would be helpful if we would all look to our belief systems for the answers to outer events, it’s not my work to decide what is right for others. It IS my work, (and and I am thankful I have some tools I’m using to whittle away the old, out-of-fashion, used-up beliefs), to “clean up” my own mind. It’s only then, from a cleaner perspective, that I can go ahead and attempt to aid the world around me.

Or perhaps, if there is another environmental blogging day, next time I’ll have nothing “bad” to report. Peace, shalom, salaam.

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