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Update on “Intention”

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I’ve attended two sessions of my book group now, and I’m starting to think I and others engage more in talking about reaching a level of satisfaction rather than just being satisfied. Our book is The Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer, and in my first post on this book, I talked about why I don’t understand Dr. Dyer’s use of the word “intention” to mean a ‘creative force’ or ‘connection with the divine’. I think the book has some great suggestions and techniques, but I’m beginning to understand that whenever I read a book like this, that the techniques belong to the author, and are what he’s found works best for him.

In books such as Intention the author distills wisdom found in his research, and parcels it out to us in neat lists of practices and anecdotes. There’s nothing wrong with this at all–I’ve learned from them and added to whatever wisdom I’ve been able to accumulate. But I have yet to find even one that has a recipe for life that I would follow even, say, 80% of the time. And yet, because of marketing practices, or because the authors really believe the things they write about, they produce the book as “the answer”.

The above probably sounds like I disapprove of such books. I don’t. While I bristle at being told, “…This is the way…at last you have found it!” these topics generate discussion. What I do like about my group is that they are willing to hear me say that a particular technique doesn’t feel congruent for me-and then they’ll let me describe what resonates better.

This is different that a class or workshop in which the absorption of a practice is a given, and it’s all about how to learn the practice and use it “better”. If I’m not feeling in harmony with an aspect of a practice, it doesn’t always feel appropriate to challenge the assumptions of the host. Even some book groups are like that. There’s a feeling of “we’re here to learn this, the latest, greatest thing, and we only want to know how to ‘get it’ better.”

I’m thankful that my group is about finding and facilitating the most authentic congruent experience for each of us. Namasté

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