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Water, water, everywhere…

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What if we, very easily from home, could participate in cleaning up currently contaminated water sources?  That’s the intention behind the latest “Intention Experiment” from science journalist Lynne McTaggart and friends.  This post had been wandering around my mind for a few days when I came across this article today.  In the US, we are seeing more and more news stories about regions running out of water, and the stories seem frightening–this southern town is O-U-T out!  The apparent water crisis is affecting many areas worldwide.

I’m not a person who believes in pointing at the news, and exclaiming and worrying about it, though.  As one of my wise teachers says, “It’s best not to focus on problems if you don’t intend to do anything about them.”

One thing I can do is bring my awareness to research and information that is intriguing or has potential.  I’ve always been fascinated with desalination, as we have plenty of ocean water to go around.  It is not safe or helpful to drink salt water, as it causes the body to excrete more water than it retains, so taking the salt from ocean water seems like a good option.  Until recently, this was prohibitively expensive, but this may change soon.

I discovered a wonderful blog all about water issues in various regions, and applaud the author for research and reporting.  I’ve already learned a lot there.

There are many causes and issues.  Air and water are primary substances for us carbon-based life entities.  I remember actually paying attention in school when I learned that our bodies are mostly water, and so is our planet.  I seem to be concerned about this.  Is there something I’m willing to do–some action I’m willing to take?  Yes. This is it.  The water intention experiment will take place on November 30 of this year.  Based on some previous research on how intention can possibly change the molecular structure of water (see the popular Emoto studies, for instance), it will use instrumentation to measure changes in the structure of water after certain experimental routines have been engaged in by participants.  The project is open to all, but one must be registered and agree to follow the procedures given.

This project may or may not be your cup of tea (or desalinated water)!  It is not for everyone, and participants must at least be able to suspend disbelief about “thoughts” affecting “things” for the duration of the experiment.  I’m not sure how I feel about it myself, but the parameters do fit my belief system, and I’m familiar with and respect Lynne McTaggart’s work, so I’m willing to give it a try.  It’s something I can do; I think it will be fun to participate; and if it gets results could be transformative for humankind.

If you are drawn to do this too, or want further information, go here.

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