Let’s get personal-just a bit…

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…with those words, my dear blog buddy sulz has tagged me!  I’ve read on other blogs that some of you don’t like to be tagged.  But, this is my first time, so I intend to enjoy it.  For those of you I’ve chosen to tag–I beg forgiveness in advance, and I’m only doing this because I’m scared of sulz (not really 😉 ), and I respect you and what you have to say about yourself.  You of course will choose whether you want to play.  Here are the instructions I was given:

  >Link to the person that tagged you, and post the rules on your blog.

  >Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself.

  >Tag 7 random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs.

  >Let each person know that they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

I want to be clear that I do not consider “weird” to be “bad”, and if I refer to my “tagees” as having some weirdness about them, it’s meant as a compliment.  (Perhaps that should have been a “random fact”).

1. I like to roam around hardware stores and office supply stores.  In fact, I could spend hours in each.

2. I sing in two choruses, but my favorite part is the rehearsals.  I don’t really like to sing in the concerts that much.

3. I do not like fashionable clothes.  I’m attracted first to the color, then the “feel-goodness” of the fabric, then finally the quality, style or tailoring.

4. I love science, learning it, blogging about it, reveling in it–but I think it’s just as faith-based as religion is.

5. I think animals understand language–not the words, but the emotion or vibration they convey.  And I think they can respond telepathically if we let them.

6. I play several musical instruments, but none of them would be welcome in a standard orchestra or band.

7. I used to daydream in school, instead of doing my work, because I was much more entranced with the imagery in my own head than what was coming out of the teacher’s mouth.

Here are the seven souls who shall be blessed with my tags (in alphabetical order): 

1poet4man     can he become even weirder or more random than his blog?

dovelove     brightness and upliftment personified

kristarella     always a fresh perspective

netty gritty     nice and weird in every sense

outofmyhead     like her, and the name of her blog practically demands it

spiritualtravelman     a multi-faceted bloke

willrhodes     his mind meanders…where?


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24 Responses to “Let’s get personal-just a bit…”

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I’m only doing this because I’m scared of sulz

haha! that’s me alright, scary! wooo…. 😛

wow, you really started off with something weird! office supply i can understand, it’s like another stationery shop, but hardware? hmm you must be handy with woodwork?

i understand if some people frown at the frivolity of memes, but if they don’t want to post it on their blogs, a good compromise would be responding to the meme questions in a comment.

I certainly don’t mind being tagged, Muse. I like the comments you make.

If you ever do discover where my mind meanders – please let me know, as yet I don’t have a clue! LOL. 😀

muse! i don’t know what to say! i have been tagged for the first time in my life! i am so happy!! thaaaaaaaaaank you so much for that!

um, would you mind terribly if i post it in my other blog – for my personal stuff? my internet blog is not quite a place for that kind of thing. besides, it would be soooooooo good to finally post something to that lonely blog of mine after so many days!

and about the stuff you wrote…no3 is like totally me! i like to think i am fashionable enough, but in my own kind of way. i mix and match cheap comfortable local stuff.

no4…..nah, science is not my thing at all! i like to read about weird science facts once in a while, but that’s about it!

no7……oh my, that reminds me of my own school days. i used to be a lot like that not only in school, but almost everywhere else. i am still absent-minded. i wonder if all artist(e)s are like that? art is a 24-hr (pre)occupation alright! what do you say?

(sorry for the looooooooong comment! i’m feeling quite hyper and talkative :mrgreen:)

Number six makes me curious: What are those strange instruments?

Smiling at the topic of the meme – hard to resist “weird”. And sulz sure does sound kind of scary at that. (-;

I thoroughly enjoyed your answers. VERY curious about those instruments. If you don’t tell us about them some time, I may have to do a post of my own imagining what they are. Or start a meme! (-;

Fear not. There are no teeth in my threat. Am imagining possible instruments in my head though, where they shall stay.

Thank you much for tagging me, Muse. And thank you for understanding if I don’t participate. OK…sulz is so scary, I’ll give you one: I love to sing and dance around my living room singing along with Broadway show CDs – especially Guys and Dolls, Damn Yankees, Applause, and yes…Sweeney Todd.

Oh the power of sulz! (And thank you Muse.)

omg, I’m fanning my eyes, what a sweet thing to say, Muse 🙂 I read your comment on my blog about your tagging me, but hadn’t a clue what that meant, lol I’m a newbie to this bloggin’ thing 🙂 I’ll try to play — but if I don’t, it was because I couldn’t think of 7 weird things about myself, lol 😉


Thanks to all of you who responded! I am most gratified, and touched. 😀

sulz, see, I’m not the only one who thinks you’re scary!! 🙂 Seriously, thank you for the honor. I’m learning from this process. I thought it was just a game, but it’s turning out to be more.

That’s a good suggestion you had to invite people to respond in the comments if they didn’t want to post. One person has done so already, and I respect that.

No, I’m not actually all that good at woodworking. I made a few things in woodshop at school, but it didn’t really take. Which, as you say, makes my pleasure in hardware all the weirder. I guess I’m just fascinated with all the new products coming out to improve our homes. I even like looking at new kinds of glue and paint. {weird}.

Thank you Will, you are a nice fellow. I enjoy your posts. And if I do come across your mind’s meanderings, I’ll surely tell. But that implies a finite destination! One can only continue to read you and follow the journey…and that I shall do with pleasure.

My dear Ms. Gritty, I agree, isn’t this something? It’s my first time too. You may certainly post on your personal blog!! I believe the object was to tag the person, not their blog per se. And thanks for the feedback about my answers. So, you’re not a science buff, then? That’s fine, we have art in common. I’ll look forward to your post!

Rikard and Ronnie Ann:

Thanks for your curiosity. I didn’t realize people would be interested. In that case, I shall release the names of the instruments I play as part of a post I’m preparing for tomorrow (Sunday).

And, Ronnie Ann, you have put such images in MY head now. You picked my very favorite show, Guys and Dolls. I know all the words. In fact I fall in love with myself when I sing Sky and Sarah’s duet, LOL. And the next two are great, too…but Sweeny Todd? Oh, my!

Hi there dovelove! Thanks for coming over and finding out about this. I think there are probably some bloggers who go through life without ever knowing about memes and tagging, but now we’re not among them. It’s an interesting phenomenon. Hmmm, I wonder if there is anything {weird} about you 😉 I’d love to find out…

[…] by dovelove So I’ve been “tagged,” and just learned what that was, lol  Okay, Muse, here ya’ […]

Hey, Muse, I put my list on my blog and pinged ya’ … but not seeing the ping here, so just lettin’ ya’ know 🙂

All better now, dove! I’ve noticed that sometimes the trackbacks get sent to moderation even if a regular post from you would not. Must be something to do with the links! Anyway, thanks, and here I go to see what you have said!

[…] museeditions has tagged me, here are the rules. […]

Muse – Thanks, I think.

…explain this please… 🙂

“can he become even weirder or more random than his blog?”


Dear poetman, I meant only complimentary things here, and no offence of any kind. I thank you profusely for playing along…I read on your blog that you also had mixed feelings about being tagged. I will explain in my comment about your 7 things on your blog, and encourage anyone reading this to experience what I perceive as your randomness and weirdness for themselves. Cheers!

I understand why some people don’t like memes, but I always have, or at least the good ones; they tell you a lot about someone. I’d never have picked #1! But I like being in libraries when they’re empty and near closing time; I find that very peaceful, so maybe it’s not so different.

I found #4 very interesting too, and I agree; I think some people look to science as having all the answers just as much as religion, but the whole point of science is to question. You never have all the answers, and there’s always doubt to any equation that you do put forth. I’m a big supporter of science, but I think we need to understand things about ourselves before we can unravel many other mysteries. IMO, that’s why there’s such animosity between many in the scientific and religious communities, because they’re similar in many ways.

And I’m definitely #7! Any time I was near a window, my mind would wander. I was just lucky that I was good at English. Sometimes I think the only difference between writers, artists, etc. and other people is that they learned to develop their daydreams and never forgot them, while others had that broken out of them. Or maybe I just had a few mean teachers, eh? 😛

I’ve done my 7 things. 🙂

[…] trackback I have been tagged for the first time! It feels really special. Thanks to Museditions for tagging me and thanks to sulz for starting this whole thing and tagging Museditions! Cos as a […]

CJ, Yes, libraries are great! I like what you said about going near closing time. I tend to get annoyed at the pesky library patrons in my way, lol.
I think many scientists’ notion that all will eventually be explained by natural phenomena is fanciful. It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t continue to ask the questions and explore! Learning and discovering is what physical existence is all about. And religious faith…well I’ll go there in another post. 😉
You comment about creative people delveoping our daydreams put a smile on my face!

kristarella and Bloglady (aka Netty Gritty, aka…), Thanks for playing! I’m very curious to see what you wrote 🙂

Meant to say – I love #2! I totally agree rehearsal for music are (almost) always more fun than the performance!

Thanks kristarella. Hmmm, thought liking rehearsals better was sort of unusual, but another friend made that comment on the “music personality” post. I guess there’s more of us than I thought.

[…] haven’t done this in ages! So for that reason and more I will – I was tagged by MusEditions to do this 7-random-facts-about-me […]

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