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Lunar astronaut and Consciousness

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Yesterday I posted on a moonlight collector and research station. Today, I continue on the Moon theme, with thoughts from a lunar astronaut, who went on to found the Institute for Noetic Sciences. I can only imagine actually walking on the surface of our mystical moon. There are many theories as to why humankind hasn’t been back there. Given the research I reported on yesterday, I wonder what it must be like to bask in the sunlight reflected on the moon, while actually on the moon. Given the atmospheric conditions, we wouldn’t be able to sun/moonbathe with little clothing on, as in the moonlight collector here on earth.  It may be a cosmically transformational experience, though.

In this one-minute video, Dr. Edgar Mitchell gives a short talk on how and why walking on the moon and flying in space transformed his conscious awareness. He is a well respected NASA scientist and Navy Captain who experienced a conscious awakening not explained by science. He realized not all of us would get the opportunity to fly to the moon, as he did (at least not in this decade!) but he knew many of us wanted to explore this “spacey” conscious expansion experience, so he founded the Institute to study the interaction of science and consciousness. His website, and books, explore these topics further. I’ve heard Dr. Mitchell speak, and he is very inspiring. I admire his willingness to go “out on a limb” where fellow scientists often fear to tread. He does say he couldn’t have done anything else. Enjoy!

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