Lunar astronaut and Consciousness

Posted on November 21, 2007. Filed under: Science, Spirituality |

Yesterday I posted on a moonlight collector and research station. Today, I continue on the Moon theme, with thoughts from a lunar astronaut, who went on to found the Institute for Noetic Sciences. I can only imagine actually walking on the surface of our mystical moon. There are many theories as to why humankind hasn’t been back there. Given the research I reported on yesterday, I wonder what it must be like to bask in the sunlight reflected on the moon, while actually on the moon. Given the atmospheric conditions, we wouldn’t be able to sun/moonbathe with little clothing on, as in the moonlight collector here on earth.Β  It may be a cosmically transformational experience, though.

In this one-minute video, Dr. Edgar Mitchell gives a short talk on how and why walking on the moon and flying in space transformed his conscious awareness. He is a well respected NASA scientist and Navy CaptainΒ who experienced a conscious awakening not explained by science. He realized not all of us would get the opportunity to fly to the moon, as he did (at least not in this decade!) but he knew many of us wanted to explore this “spacey” conscious expansion experience, so he founded the Institute to study the interaction of science and consciousness. His website, and books, explore these topics further. I’ve heard Dr. Mitchell speak, and he is very inspiring. I admire his willingness to go “out on a limb” where fellow scientists often fear to tread. He does say he couldn’t have done anything else. Enjoy!

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10 Responses to “Lunar astronaut and Consciousness”

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Mornin’ Muse πŸ™‚

Well, I don’t know if you can tell, but I’m not generally that big on science. But your post spurred a memory, one of my first metaphsical adventures πŸ™‚ So I thought I’d venture to share it with ya’ on this fine Thanksgivin’ mornin’ πŸ˜‰

When I first discovered that everyone could do this “psyhic” thing, because I saw that I could πŸ™‚ … I was in a room of about 30 just regular people for the most part. This class was for the purpose of showing us how to use our “intuition.”

It was especially uncomfortable for me, because I’ve always been the quiet one in classrooms. But we were instructed to simply gravitate to people so as to “read” them. All of these people were strangers. We did this all day long. Everyone was “reading” each other. The only thing that was given to the “reader” was the person’s name.

One of the guys I mutually gravitated to was this older, somewhat distinguished-looking, white-haired guy. So we sat down as everyone else did the same as they found their new reading partner. We were in chairs facing each other. He had me go first.

I closed my eyes, and almost immediately started seeing things in my mind’s eye. Ah, I remember now, we had been instructed to ask for a past-life reading on the person. The images I started seeing were from cowboy days…and then it was like what I was seeing was moving forward in time to present-day. Keep in mind, this was TOTALLY knew to me, I’d never experienced such a thing — seeing things in my mind.

Yeah, that day was a rush, totally changed my life, my thinking… Anyway, I simply told the older gentleman what I was seeing. I felt goofy, and he was totally silent as I was describing it (my eyes closed the whole time). The last thing I saw was pretty cool. It was a space shuttle taking off — I saw it very clearly. I finally opened my eyes and said, “So, was that anything?”

He seemed speechless and called his wife over –“You’re never gonna believe all that she saw?” He said something to that effect. Then he told me I’d seen accurate details of his childhood (the cowboy-day stuff he couldn’t confirm, but was intrigued by it, apparently that was past-life stuff). But what he was most impressed with was the space shuttle. He was a retired engineer from NASA πŸ™‚ Cool, eh? πŸ˜‰

Happy Thanksgiving, Muse!


I agree with everything he says on his vision for the the third millenium. Yay, Edgar! πŸ™‚

I especially like and totally agree with this part below. “Awareness” … “change of heart” … “each of us” … Bingo.


My vision is that the third millennium will bring a new dawn of awareness such that the genius and creativity which we exhibit as individuals will be harnessed together in concert, globally, to resolve the problems which we have unwittingly collectively created and which threaten existence as we know it. This vision cannot possibly become reality without each of us, as he or she awakens to the dilemma, to first make a personal decision to live life productively toward creating a sustainable civilization for all, then to reach beyond our personal commitment to self and family to assist others also to recognize that our cultural traditions have created the crisis and must be re-examined.
This vision requires first awareness, then education, then action. Awareness will lead to change of heart. Education will lead to a change of mind. Effective action can then follow which will lead to a change of direction. Vested interest in the status quo will lose legitimacy by our personal decisions not to participate in behaviors which do not contribute to a sustainable future; then by persuading others to join us in the quest.

Governments cannot accomplish what is necessary for a sustainable future without the consent of the governed. The governed cannot do it alone as solitary individuals, but when there is sufficient awareness, education and dedication to legitimize the economics and politics for a sustainable future, governments will be forced to change accordingly.

… Spiritually few know their own soul, having entrusted it to traditional dogmas. My vision, indeed, my article of faith for the opening of the new millennium, is that we can and will evolve consciously and quickly to transcend these limitations of our juvenile species and attain the mature and glorious adulthood of world stewardship.

dovelove, a good Thanksgiving to you! In my view, anyone who examines the world around them, and then makes observations or does experiments regarding their observations is a scientist, so I think you qualify!
That’s an amazing story you tell about the NASA engineer and you! There’s something about space…
Thanks for providing that extensive quote from Dr. Mitchell’s site. He’s a very tuned-in person, and more and more of us are ready to hear what he has to say. Hooray for Awareness!

There’s definitely something about space πŸ™‚ And it intrigues me that the Universe put that space-related guy in front of me (remember the mirroring thing) right at the onset of it all. Even so, that hasn’t been an area that I’ve given much attention. I’m drawn more to the earthy aspects of it all, Native American spirituality, nature…that’s where my heart is most potently.

But I have to admit, like with the NASA guy, I have had other nudges in the “space” direction. Like the star symbol that’s very prominent in my experiences. Even in looking back, when I was more of a skeptic — even as a kid, I had purchased items (star paperweight, star earrings, other star-shaped or star related items, and I drew/doodled them a lot…) that seemed to suggest this symbol/energy was already within me.

And without having told other intuitives about this, I’ve had them hone in on it, telling me things about this star thing that are, well, way out there woo-woo, lol πŸ˜‰ But still intriguing that these unrelated people would get this about me intuitively. And further overlapping, in that during this “journey,” at significant moments in my life, star symbols would be put in front of me. Like at my job, star symbols “just happen” to be a prominent symbol there…

In fact, there are so many synchronous and “magical” aspects to my life, there’s no way I could not embrace all of it. Like the number 33, a number that also follows me around. They say that’s the number of Jesus (not a figure/symbol I mention or even think of very often, and I’m very anti-religion), and recently I mentioned how a newbie intuitive during my first experiences in this, referred to my heart, he said it was “like Jesus’ heart” … and when I moved to this town, I had made four trips here looking for an apartment, and I just couldn’t find a decent one. But on the fourth trip, I started getting the number 33 as we drove up here. I finally found an apartment that day that “clicked” with me. The apartment number? 33 πŸ™‚ Yep, that’s my current apartment number. I had even considered sharing a place, and just before finding this apartment, I had planned to go look at a house to share, the house number was 33 πŸ™‚

Sorry to ramble on, even after many years of having regular experiencs like this, it never ceases to fascinate me. I feel very blessed that my eyes have been open to it, but I’m never quite sure what/when I should and should not share about it.

Anyway, hanks for sharing about your Edgar guy, he seems awesome πŸ™‚


“hanks” lol Um, I meant “thanks.” Sorry, I typed that kinda fast, hehe

Hi U both..Dove, I agree with u 100% with ur vision about the progress of humanity..I can only hope that it is gonna happen that way!! I think we need a collective awareness towards spiritual beliefs..We are now living in a consumer society…As individual, the mass connect more with the outside world then the inside one..

Muse, a Canadian astronaut said that his space voyage has changed his life perspective..He is seeing the world differently..I can only imagine..A couple of summers ago, I was at my cousin place observing the stars and I could feel a strong sense of detachment..Feeling detach it opens to new ways to look at, LIFE!..It is not Me, Myself and I no more but Me, Themselves and All…

Take care DoveLove and MoonMuse..

Hiya’ CV

I think I should have made it more clear that everything below this line ======= in that previous comment, was an excerpt from Muse’s Edgar Mitchell’s website. Those are his words and his vision πŸ™‚ But I very much resonate with what he’s saying.

Have an awesome weekend CV and Muse!


What lovely imagery, CV. It’s a wonderful realization: “Me, Themselves and All…” You have such a way with words–in any language. And thanks for sharing that about the Canadian astronaut. I’ll bet the experience is more common than not.

dovelove, interesting typo “hanks”, indeed. Houston, we have…an issue! 8) I like your stories, and it’s indicative of your tuned-in self that you now live in #33. I appreciate you sharing your spacey tales.

Oh, too funny… I’d been wondering what you were talking about with the “hanks” thing — I thought, is that some sort of code word or something with space people? lol πŸ˜‰ So in seeing your post again this morning, I decided I’d do a google search, “hanks houston” … and there is was, Tom Hanks’ “Houston we have a problem.” haha! And I think I actually watched that movie (I rarely watch TV or movies) and I soooo adore Tom Hanks. When someone asks me my fav actors, he’s invariably the first on my list.

Do I share just a little too much sometimes? lol πŸ˜‰


Oh, that’s hilarious, dove πŸ™‚ I knew the “hanks” thing was a typo, at first, but when you came back and corrected it, I thought you fully realized the implications and the synchronicity, yet again. Somehow, it’s even more perfect this way.
I most emphatically do NOT think you share to much! πŸ˜€ You share what is right for you to share, and I am honored that you choose to do some of it on my blog. I always benefit from your insights, and I send you hugs and good wishes.

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