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Water, Creativity, and Empathy

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I’m participating in a “water intention” experiment, taking place on Friday (in most time zones). This is in conjunction with IONS–the Institute of Noetic Sciences. I have a lot of respect for the scientists and researchers at the Institute. I think they represent the future of science and the frontier of consciousness exploration. For a one minute summary of why they do what they do, please visit

Here is a summary of the water experiment. I don’t have any magical expectations of this, but I’m very curious to find out if they get measurable results. Some other controlled studies would need to be done in the future if so:

This Friday, November 30, at 5pm GMT, thousands of Living The Field participants will be taking part in an experiment to measure the change in ‘photonic’ emissions of water when loving intention is sent to it. We’ll also measure ‘grosser’ measurements like pH. To sign up for the Water Intention Experiment, and to receive your free “Powering Up” exercises written by Lynne McTaggart, please visit:”


And finally, for those of you not interested in the water experiment, or in addition to it, I offer this short film from the nice people at Monday9am. I’ve had moments of creative disconnection as described in the video, and I have felt such love and compassion for the human condition at such times. Also, this guy used to play with Queen, and I’ve enjoyed Queen since I first heard the theme and incidental music for the The Highlander, a favorite movie/television program about immortal humans with large swords!

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