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7 more things about me.

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I did this meme relatively recently, but it’s come around to Richard, a person I respect. He was kind enough to tag me, so I am happy to play.

Here are the rules:

1) Link to the person that tagged you, and post the rules on your blog. 2) Share 7 facts about yourself. 3) Tag 7 random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs. 4) Let each person know that they have been tagged.

7 more things:

1. I’ve lived in two major cities: San Francisco and Honolulu. Don’t live in either one now.

2. I was a juvenile delinquent. I went to the beach, or walked downtown, instead of attending high school; …however:

3. When I did decide to go to college, I loved it, and did very well (honor roll, dean’s list, etc.)

4. I was a budding scientist as a child, a dropout in high school (see above) and a music major in college. Now I combine all these things (particularly the drop-out 🙂 ).

5. When I was a vegetarian, I was a rampant vegetarian. Not only did I not eat meat, I did not consume eggs, dairy, or added oils or fats in my food. And, I thought anyone who didn’t do the same was wrong.

6. Now, I’m a “moderate” vegetarian, adjusting and flowing with life and times. A Buddhist monk I met at a Franciscan retreat center told me something that changed forever the way I look at things. He said he generally was a vegetarian, but when someone was kind enough to offer him food, it was better to be thankful and eat what was offered than to refuse a dish in order to adhere to a self-imposed principal.

7. I now attempt to remain in a state of thankfulness and appreciation, and, at this point, I don’t think anyone is “wrong” or “bad”. For any reason.

I will tag just three people because I tagged some others recently, and don’t want to wear out my welcome. Will they participate? I wait. and wonder. They are: Colourful Vision, duskman, and mrgnome.

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