My blog is staring at me again.

Posted on December 4, 2007. Filed under: Musings, Spirituality |

Sometimes that BLOG takes on a life of its own. I’m living my life, minding my own business, when I pass by the computer. It is menacing. It’s watching me. “What do you want?” I say.

Hey, there’s a Blog in here, you know.
I know, I know. I started it after all. I maintain it, I write in it. What’s your point, exactly?

Huh! You haven’t posted for three days! You know what “they” say. If you post less than 3 times a week, you might lose readership!
First of all, who asked YOU to be my conscience? Did you SEE the “Blogging Without Obligation” button I put in your sidebar? And besides, you know I don’t blog for readership, primarily, but to express my thoughts and opinions. I get brain-clog, unless I empty it regularly.

Brain-clog–that’s for sure! Feeling a little clogged right now, by chance?
Leave me alone!

So, you’re telling me you don’t CARE if anyone reads your blog or not?
I’m not saying that! I said I don’t blog PRIMARILY for readers, not that I don’t like them.

Look, human. I know you pretty well by now. I happen to know you just LOVE getting comments and you LOVE commenting almost as much!
Well, yeah. I like to meet people from all over the world, and exchange thoughts and opinions, so what? Who are YOU, anyway? Whoever heard of someone’s blog talking to them? I created you! I made you what you are today!

Oh, don’t get all ‘Pygmalion’ on me. I’ve had to put up with your so-called “belief system” all this time. “Everything is conscious”, you say. “There’s a little of the divine in everyone and everything.” Whether I’m a “one” or a “thing”, that means me, too, bucko.
“Bucko”? I don’t have to take this! All you are, after all, is a receptacle for anything I happen to want to write about. Who, or What do you think you ARE, lecturing me like this?

Well, we went on that way for a while. I finally got the blog to be quiet and stop bugging me. I think it does feel neglected. The past couple of days when I turned on the computer, I just didn’t even want to look at the blog. I’d been around a lot of people and activities, lately, and was surprised to find that I “needed some space” –even from the blog! I like to hibernate a bit, when I’ve been around a lot of manic energy. I thought the blogosphere was an exception to this tendency, though. It doesn’t make noise, unless I click on a video or audio link. It doesn’t demand instant answers. It lets me think things through, while patiently waiting–at least it had done until now! I’ll have to consider a new phase in arranging my life. In the meantime, I’ve sent the blog over to “Cheezburger“. It loves those LOLCats.


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12 Responses to “My blog is staring at me again.”

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i’m totally different. i get withdrawal symptoms if i don’t access my blog at least once a day. i’ve just return from a sleepover at a friend’s place and i feel so happy seeing my little corner in cyberspace. home sweet home!

I like your post until I got to the second last sentence. I hate LOL cats.

Until your blog is telling you your life is too pathetic to blog, and you need a new one, you’re not really being bossed around.

Not that I know anything about that…

raincoaster, I’ll be sure to look out for such an eventuality. πŸ˜€ Good to know I still have some control. Thanks for stopping by!

Thank you for the compliment, πŸ™‚ … until the end 😦 … tongue-in-cheek, timethief! da blog loves da cats. Didn’t necessarily say I do. They certainly annoy a lot of people, yet they go on. and on.

sulz, I used to feel the way you do. A day away from bloggie was too long. Don’t know what’s come over me lately. Perhaps this too shall pass.

nice post, and funny too. Blogging is more fun when you “blog without obligation” and only write what you feel like to write. It’s also more interesting than “blogging for readership” as you only blog when you have something interesting to say…

lolll!! I am not gonna tell u what I thought the last couple of days..Well, It goes like this..What’s happening with Muse don’t see it/him/her around lately??..I am kind of worried…I was thinking about sending an email to ”Can Has Cheezburger”..Ye! LOLCat, have u seen a werewolf transforming to an AGRRRRCat?! loll!!..

Thanks, very much, walking! I agree, blogging is a lot more fun that way, and I’m all about having as much fun as possible. I appreciate the visit and comment.

Well, CV, for someone who was “not gonna tell u what I thought“, you told me quite a lot! πŸ˜€ Help, I’ve been attacked by an LOLWerewolf! Aaaoooooouuu!

I must admit my blog hasn’t answered me yet. This kind of thing goes on all the time in my head, though.

I’m not sure what’s “in” my head, and what’s “out” of it, these days, Anthony, due to studying non-locality. But that’s another post. I do know one thing: I have heard the voice of Blog!

“Feed me, Seymour!”

I think that a blog with updates more than once a week is frequently updated (and usually more so than I’m able to keep up with).

Rikard, now you’ve done it! I couldn’t sleep for a week after seeing “Little Shop of Horrors”, so now I’ll have nightmares about my blog looming over me wanting blood….aggghhhh! 8) I guess our ideas of what is frequent posting are relative, like most things in life.

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