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Science behind the Water Intention Experiement – it works!

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I am happy to submit for your consideration the results from the Water Intention Experiment I participated in on November 30. I described what the experiment is, and why I wanted to participate here. As a participant, I can report that we were not told the source of the water, or what the location was. I was surprised that the experiment took place in St. Petersburg, Russia. I participated in the United States, and the organizers are in the UK. Obviously, as described below, many more double-blind trials need to take place. I’m excited about the potential of this. More about the Intention Experiments, including pictures of the equipment, graphs, and the results of prior experiments, can be found here.

From Lynne McTaggart: I’ve just heard back from Russian physicist, Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, who ran the experiment. He has produced charts showing a large shift in the water’s light signals after our participants sent love via our Intention Experiment internet site.

This is our most comprehensive global experiment yet. Nearly 3000 people signed up to participate from eighty countries around the globe. Although two-thirds were from the US, Canada, the UK and the Netherlands and other English speaking countries like New Zealand and Australia, we also had a large showing from every country in Europe and then many far flung places: Indonesia, Bangladesh, Uruguay, Zambia and other countries in Africa, Malaysia, Japan, Croatia, Costa Rica and other countries in central America, Columbia, and China. We had representatives from every continent other than Antartica.

Korotkov invented the Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) technique, which makes use of state-of-the-art optics, digitized television matrices and a powerful computer. Ordinarily, a living thing will dribble out the faintest pulse of photons, perceptible only to the most sensitive equipment in conditions of utter pitch black.

In the case of liquids, the GDV machine examines differences in its ‘structure’, in the case of water – the emission activity on the surface of the liquid — that is, its ability to retain important information from other molecules.

Korotkov and his team have carried out a great deal of pilot research on a great variety of biological liquids, showing that the GDV equipment is highly sensitive to changes in the chemical and physical contents of liquids — subtle changes that don’t show up in ordinary chemical analyses.

On November 30, Dr. Korotkov filled a test tube to the top with distilled water from a pharmacy in St. Petersburg. He then inserted an electrode into the test tube, so that water began to run down its sides, to ensure there was no air in the test tube. The electrode was then secured with tape.

This electrode was then connected to a cylinder and standard GDV equipment.

…To find out the results and preliminary analysis; see photos of the equipment; and graphs of the results; read the full story here. Do you think this has potential?

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