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Spirituality is a Funny Business

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I had the privilege of seeing Swami Beyondananda at the Institute of Noetic Sciences conference this summer.  In addition to being a side-splittingly funny spiritual and political commentator, he’s also very serious about the “shift happening” on the planet in these times.  I’ve seen Swami many times over the years at spiritual and environmental events, but I hadn’t known until I attended his workshop at the conference that he was partnering with one of my favorite researchers, biologist Bruce Lipton, to offer tips on how we as conscious beings can change global structures through the holographic field which, apparently, connects everything.  We did a few consciousness experiments in the workshop, and I was amazed at how being willing to receive the wisdom of the mass mind turns itself into easy solutions for apparent problems.  I believe we will hear more about these kinds of opportunities in the years to come, and that it will soon be common practice to have consciousness conferences, rather than councils of war.  Please see this post for more on the “conscious bytes” IONS is offering for free in December. 

But, on a lighter note:  Experience a taste of the “animated” Swami here.  (Thanks to IONS for creating this one-minute-shift, The Upwising Begins).  The “flesh and blood” Swami is just as funny.  He is a master of the spiritual/political pun:  “If you’re concerned about Electile dysfunction, Mad Cowboy disease, and Irony deficiency,  join the ‘Right-to Laugh’ party“.



Swami’s kicked off his new Swami for Precedent campaign: “We need a new precedent,” the Swami says, “because if we only do things the way we’ve always done them, we will only get what we’ve always gotten. Choose a new precedent, and a new President will follow.”

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