Spirituality is a Funny Business

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I had the privilege of seeing Swami Beyondananda at the Institute of Noetic Sciences conference this summer.  In addition to being a side-splittingly funny spiritual and political commentator, he’s also very serious about the “shift happening” on the planet in these times.  I’ve seen Swami many times over the years at spiritual and environmental events, but I hadn’t known until I attended his workshop at the conference that he was partnering with one of my favorite researchers, biologist Bruce Lipton, to offer tips on how we as conscious beings can change global structures through the holographic field which, apparently, connects everything.  We did a few consciousness experiments in the workshop, and I was amazed at how being willing to receive the wisdom of the mass mind turns itself into easy solutions for apparent problems.  I believe we will hear more about these kinds of opportunities in the years to come, and that it will soon be common practice to have consciousness conferences, rather than councils of war.  Please see this post for more on the “conscious bytes” IONS is offering for free in December. 

But, on a lighter note:  Experience a taste of the “animated” Swami here.  (Thanks to IONS for creating this one-minute-shift, The Upwising Begins).  The “flesh and blood” Swami is just as funny.  He is a master of the spiritual/political pun:  “If you’re concerned about Electile dysfunction, Mad Cowboy disease, and Irony deficiency,  join the ‘Right-to Laugh’ party“.



Swami’s kicked off his new Swami for Precedent campaign: “We need a new precedent,” the Swami says, “because if we only do things the way we’ve always done them, we will only get what we’ve always gotten. Choose a new precedent, and a new President will follow.”


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11 Responses to “Spirituality is a Funny Business”

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Interesting post and funny video.. I have Bruce Lipton website on my favorite already..I haven’t read anything about it yet but would certainly do soon..

Thanks, CV. Swami’s a funny guy & he makes enlightenment fun. I highly recommend Dr. Lipton’s work–it’s fascinating.

Really makes you think, doesn’t it?

didn’t watch the video, but the puns are funny and so apt!

Glad you enjoyed them, sulz. I think it’s a good idea to laugh about politics, if at all possible.

The idea of consciousness shift can, I’m sure, begin on a pragmatic level. I’m a great believer that everything we do creates an opposite. After all, we cannot have light without dark, etc. We also have Newton’s law of equal and opposite reaction.
What happens if we place in this concepts such as turn the other cheek? Does this create degrees of the severity of an opposite? If so, then simply not being so extreme yourself could cause a change in degrees of an adversary.
Just imagine if a more peqaceful world could have been had with this approach, with US/Britain not invading Iraq? Would al Qaeda have been as dangerous, or would support have whittled away?
Maybe consciousness shift begins with degrees of opposities and conscious intention to reduce them.
Just me rambling on.

“soon be common practice to have consciousness conferences”

I first envisioned and hoped for this type of gathering to replace our bullshit court system 🙂 Can you imagine a more fair trial than one with a panel of unbiased ones highly atuned to the collective consciousness?

Imagine… First they individually “plug in” to find the answer on someone being accused, or some unsolved crime… Then again as a group…not interacting, but in the same room. With that many of them, you’re bound to have a lot of overlapping in what comes, what they hear, feel, and see in their mind’s eye. I would anticipate a high majority would come to receive/interpret the truth. They would do this without knowledge of any type of evidence and minimal info about the situation. The evidence would then be presented afterward to see how it aligned.

It wouldn’t be a long process either 🙂 And ultimately highly discouraging to those who are in the biz of harming others 🙂

It’s odd that the idea of this might spook a lot of people (especially criminals, ha), but how frightening is it to be an innocent party in such a situation and have 12 people who don’t even wanna be there deciding your fate, often based on distorted information presented by dishonorable or not-so-astute lawyers?

These sort of “conferences” could eliminate a lot of the lofty bad guys in many areas … medical docs, hospitals, lawyers, drug-dealing companies …

If we still have the need for a governor of our country, it surely would not be a single individual, but a group of our most admired, honorable and skilled in the area of accessing “higher” information 🙂 Since I have experience in this area, and there are many others, I know this is a strong possibility, even likelihood 🙂

Considering all the people who are wrongly imprisoned and executed…hopefully it won’t be that much longer before more of us begin to know we already have the answers within, and it’s simply a matter of learning how to access them…and this is greatly strengthened when such individuals unite.

Peace 🙂

What an interesting notion, Anthony. I was just discussing a similar topic with a live human friend, generated by a post concerning the US Election of 2000 I’d read on Will‘s blog. I wondered how things would be different if all the votes had been counted, and Mr. Gore was installed as President instead of Mr. Bush. My companion thought that the so-called war would not be happening, or if so, not on the scale it is today. I further wondered, though, if the 9/11 attacks would even have taken place, given the different circumstances. The ripples of intention can manifest in all sorts of ways. I do like your suggestion of moderation as such.

Wow, dove! The only place I’ve read similar suggestions was in Sci-Fi novels, and even in them , there was nothing quite like what you are suggesting! My reaction is if your system could be set up so that it could be trusted–and not manipulated–it would be a wonderful thing. I would also like to see potential juries, or lawmakers get together to meditate upon peaceful issues. Perhaps the “need” for intervention in crime would go away, if we were able to create a peaceful environment of the mind?

lol, sci-fi, eh? Hmmm. Sorry, I so often forget that just because people are into the Tarot, that doesn’t mean they realize the legitimacy of psychic ability 🙂 And I forget I haven’t really mentioned this on my new website. I had elaborated on a few of my experiences in that regard at my previous Tarot site, but haven’t taken the time to do that on this one yet.

But I thought you’d read my Tarot article, it mentions how I discovered my own “psychic” ability. Or maybe it’s just that you don’t really believe that aspect of it 🙂 And that’s okay. I used to do my readings differently — I started with a purely psychic reading and then followed with a Tarot reading. But it just took too much time, and, admittedly, it unnerves me to do the readings without the cards. I don’t like the thought of being wrong 🙂 but my readings were very accurate. I’ve gotten proper names, places and people…even did a John Edwards kinda thing once, which was pretty cool 😉 So I can do it, I just don’t feel comfortable doing it. With the Tarot, I feel a lot of confidence — I’ve always been very logical-minded, and the cards make it more concrete for me. The cards give me something earthy, something “real” to draw from…rather than just “listening” and hoping I’m hearing correctly what’s coming to me 🙂

But I know if I can do it, there are a lot of other people out there who can legitimately do it as well. I also know that if I can do it to the degree that I can do it, without any sort of training or practice to improve this ability, then it’s likely that I can improve it further… That is, it’s clear to me that we’re just scratching the surface, those of us who have experienced this 🙂 This ability will be “evolving” further, and one day it will be common, everyone will accept (except those who still believe the earth is flat, lol) that they have, and will regularly utilize some degree of “psychic” ability 🙂

So, I know it isn’t sci-fi. When more and more people discover the truth of what we all can actually do, the phenomenal power that is within us, the world will change…in a big way. Imagine 🙂

Oh, and Anthony, I resonate with what you’re saying, if I’m understanding correctly. I too believe that we’ve created wicked things in our world in going to extremes, especially in trying to be saints. Our denial of our human-ness, pushing down that which we have felt is “bad” about ourselves, well, we’ve created monsters on the other end of the spectrum in doing this. The middle road, balance, not extremes, is what’s needed in our world.


Goodness gracious, perception and perspective are amazing things. After reading your comment, dove, I read back through what I wrote, and realize that when I mentioned sci-fi, it looked like I was discounting psychic abilities. Very far from the truth! But, since you are not a science fan, you probably don’t read science fiction, either? I read a lot of it, and my favorite novels are the ones which have some sort of enhanced or psychic content. One of the reasons that sci-fi is one of my favorite genres is that the author is free to explore mult-dimensionality and creativity in all their aspects. There are no restrictions upon what human or non-human beings can or cannot do, as long as the author imagines it convincingly. So, in thinking about your courtroom proposals, I was remembering stories where cases were referred to the village seers, and such. I think there is much, much more going on than can be perceived with a few physical senses. To me, comparing your ideas to really good sci-fi stories is a compliment! Sorry for any miscommunication, there.

Ah, no problem, Muse, my friend 🙂 I hear what your’re saying. No, never in my life have I read science fiction, not as far as I can recall. If I’m reading or writing, it’s most generally non-fiction. I’ve just always preferred the truth. But I think I’m understanding your interest in this sci-fi area, it sounds like it’s because there are no limitations, the sky’s the limit, going wild with that there imagination 😉 Freedom to explore. Freedom — freedom, I get 🙂 And that exploring of the “imagination” can be a very good thing 🙂


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