In the meantime, we’ll have to BE Star Trek

Posted on December 21, 2007. Filed under: Games, Science |

It’s going to be a whole year until the new Star Trek movie comes out!  In the meantime, there IS a quiz….It comes from a “make your own quiz” site.  These can be great, but I wonder about the scoring methods and, in couple of cases, language usage by the author.  Given all that, I got the result I expected.  I would have been very surprised (and would not have posted it) if I were of any other space race.

Here are my results:  What species are you?

“You scored as a Vulcan. You prefer to be alone and learn. You rarely show people what you are feeling. You understand that things take time. Safety is something that usually passes your mind, but you don’t always follow [procedures].”

Vulcan=  =  =80%, Federation=  =  =75%, Dominion=  =  =55%



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11 Responses to “In the meantime, we’ll have to BE Star Trek”

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Yeah, baby! I’m ROMULAN!!!

I can see these qualities in you, raincoaster 😉
…we may have to have a confrontation someday! Thanks for the link. 8) Live long and prosper.

What Star Trek Species Are You?

You scored as a Federation

Hmmmmm – that isn’t me!!!!!! 0_o 😦

I am more Klingon!

Oh, poor Will. I think you were just suppressing your Klingon qualities so you could get along with your Federation crew mates. Or, perhaps you forgot to sharpen your ridges this morning?
tugh qoH ‘ej nachDaj chevlu’ta’

Ah, I think we all think of ourselves as Vulcans at heart. Even though many males think they’d like to be Klingons. We may be as changeable as Odo 🙂
Seasons greetings to you.

Tony, I know a couple of blokes who want to be Captain Picard, but I tend to agree, the combination of qualities embodied in our Vulcan friends remains most popular. Odo, hmmm. Let me just puddle up in my bucket and think that over. 😉 A very good holiday time to you and your family, and thanks for dropping by!

What Star Trek Species Are You?created with
You scored as FederationYou Are The Federation, You prefer to be alone and learn. You enjoy helping people and know how to talk things up. You would help people into the spotlight before yourself

These things never post very well…

Not a Trekkie, so I don’t know what this is, lol, but there ya’ go 🙂

Federation 70%

What Star Trek Species Are You?
You scored as a Borg
You Are Borg, You would rather overrun your enemies instead of overpowering them. You take knowledge instead of learning. You need help deciding but are upfront when forced. Conquest is everything after perfection.

How the heck did I get that? I am so not a Borg; maybe a Cardassian (I’ve always liked Garak), but a Borg? They just freak me out!

Can’t wait for the film next year, though; feels like years since there’s been a new Trek to look forward to. And Eric Bana’s in it! 🙂

Well, dove, if you are Federation, you are all that’s best and right and true in the universe! Suits you, I think. Looks like you also scored 70 % Romulan, though, too. Hmmm…very interesting combination. 😉

cj, goodness I certainly don’t see you as Borg! I don’t know you in person, but your picture doesn’t show any cybernetic enhanced portions, and you don’t seem to want to assimilate your blog readers. Although blog…borg…only one letter difference between them. 😉

I like Garak, too, and can sort of see you in him. Clever, intelligent, strong and secretive: “Oh, no, I’m just a tailor! (sub ‘writer’)”…but one never knew his hidden agenda 🙂

Ah, what a sweet thing to say, Muse 🙂

The percentages wrapped, so what’s in front of Romulan (and the others) goes with the one above it.

So let me guess, the Romulan peoplez are a bit on the dark side? lol Hey, only 65% lol I s’pose I can attribute that to the ever contradictory Libra in me. We Librans are often tipping those scales back and forth, trying to find that nice goldie-locks balance, heh 😉

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