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That Da Vinci guy again!

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I’ve had Leonardo on the brain recently. I don’t mean the actor, although he is splendid, but the great inventor, artist, and scientist. I have learned to pay attention when a topic presents itself to my awareness, sometimes several times within a few days. Such was the case with Leonardo, intruding into my life with a frequency which could not be ignored.

First was the recent article about yet another new “Da Vinci code”. Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you are familiar with the book and movie The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. I have read the book, seen the film, and found it all provocative with much food for thought. I was spiritually unoffended yet not ready to completely jump into the theology as presented. It mattered not a whit to me that “many” of the “claims” of the “story” (sorry, got carried away by “quotes”) were “unproven”. It was, after all, a novel. Many, many novels have allowed me to see reality from a new point of view, and this was one of them.

The “new” Da Vinci code fascinated me because it was a musical code found in The Last Supper by a researcher in Italy. As a musician who adores early and medieval music and spiritual mysticism, I can hardly wait for the author to be translated into English. This link takes us to an excellent article in Discovery online magazine, which has further links to some other Da Vinci material, including attempts to repair that same Last Supper. One thing I discovered on Discovery was that Da Vinci was an accomplished lyre player. Got to love that about him! [Edit: sometimes the embedded link works; other times it might take you to an “expired” page. If that happens try this one, and look for the words “Italian Musician”.]


After becoming aware of the music article, I was driving home from the supermarket, as usual listening to NPR radio. An interview with Fritjof Capra came on. My ears perked up as I’d read Capra’s The Tao of Physics several times. This book may be responsible for starting up my lifelong love of physics and spirituality as sister sciences. Anyway, what was Capra there to talk about but his new book? The title? The Science of Leonardo !!! My ears were now so perky they were nearly flying off my face. You can hear the 8-minute interview here, and read more about the book here.

Finally, and most dramatically (in many ways) I was sent a link in an email which featured a play produced exclusively for the Internet. The play is directed by and stars Kevin Spacey, along with Thandie Newton and Elliot Cowan. It runs about 10 minutes, and is beautifully produced. In it, Spacey, as interrogator, questions the artist and scientist about why he left so much unfinished; the relevance of his inventions in modern times; and, even, the nature of time itself. Da Vinci’s most famous artist’s model appears to answer some questions of her own. If you take nothing else from this post, Do See The Play! (Be sure to click the 2X button.)

I’ll post more about my relationship with Leonardo, since I apparently have one. Here’s hoping you enjoy.

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