Sunspots and other Monsters

Posted on January 11, 2008. Filed under: Musings, Spirituality |

There’s nothing that makes me contemplate reality quite like being computerless for two weeks!  My graphics card had a major meltdown this week.  The monitor’s fine, but I have no red.  The Internet looks very weird without red.  All the WordPress headers and avatars here look like they’re from another planet.  (Maybe you all are from another planet and I’m just seeing that now 😉 ).  I put up with this for three days, then finally took the beast into Best Buy.  It’s still under warranty, but because my graphics card is attached to the motherboard (apparently) I’m informed my beast must be shipped to northern California for a replacement.

I’m sure the geek squad is used to customer reaction while delivering such proclamations, because my geek stepped back several paces just as I began to shriek “Two Weeks??!!”

That was it:  The full extent of my emotional outburst had burst out.  Thence forward I was resigned to my latest version of reality, which includes Not Having A Computer for Two Whole Weeks.

I’m writing this post on -*gasp*-a piece of paper!  I will quickly type it up on a long-suffering friend’s [read: “Angel of Mercy’s”] computer.  I’m borrowing an hour of computer time here and there when I can.  I’m sure two weeks, in the scheme of things, won’t seem like that much time, but right now, it’s Now!  This is forcing me to contemplate my seemingly only portal of connection to the rest of the universe.  Time and its nature are much on my mind.

I anticipate reporting from the land of Luddites from time to time.  But, for now, my lovely, delightful friend is looming:  “Gotta check my email, dude!”

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10 Responses to “Sunspots and other Monsters”

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oh i am going to miss your posts full of spirit and your comments full of sunshine. report back if you did anything interesting!

Ah, I don’t think I could manage without my computer for that long! Hope ya’ get back online soon, DUDE! Aha, you’re a dude, lol 😉

How boring is that..Bump, dude!!…

sulz, dove, CV–thanks for your moral support! At this moment, my 9-year old laptop is deciding to work, so at least I can respond to your comments. My laptop has a very quirky battery, so I never know when it’s going to go…BTW, this person calls everyone “dude”! 😉

Yee-a-uh, right, lol…how did I know you were gonna say that? 😉

When I started this computer lark about 18 months ago, I realised I was too old and set in my ways to become a computer whizz-fogey, but one of my sons is a whizz-kid. He did his best to teach me, but I’m blogger and not much else. So what, I wondered, if I had a technical problem?
I decided on a simple solution. I bought 3 cheap reconditioned computers, 3 monitors, keyboards, mouse(s) – don’t ask me if that’s right – and a big bag of wires. So if anything goes wrong, I swap to the next and wait for whizz-kid to come home.
Best of it is, the whole package is cheaper than buying one new computer.

Two weeks? I can understand if it’s going to California but they’d better be sending it to MacGyver if it’s going to take that long! I don’t think I could last two weeks.

Hope you get it back soon, Muse, and look forward to new posts when you get back. 😉

DudeMoon!…hihi.. Well, it’s time for a tease…

How did you know? Because you’re an intelligent, intuitive person, Dove! 😉

Tony, what a good idea! I don’t know if I want to have 3 sets of everything around my workspace, but an older, WORKING, laptop would be nice as a backup. Or better yet, would you please send the whiz-kid over here?

cj, I would love for MacGyver to blow in here with a paperclip and fix everything. But would that mean I’d have to get a Mullet, too? 🙂 Thank you for your good wishes.

CV, I can use some humor in this situation! I appreciate the bump-jokes. 🙂

sulz, I meant to mention how I liked your poetic compliments! They made me feel good. 😀

i get the same feeling from yours too… 🙂

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