Sunspots and my Mother…board

Posted on January 17, 2008. Filed under: Musings |

So, I made the trek into town today to pick up my computer-beast, having received an automated phone call informing me it was back from California.  I call it “my beast” with great affection, mind you, after all, there was a wonderful character in one of my favorite children’s books called “Aunt Beast”.

All well and good, yes? ….No.  The beast worked fine when I plugged it in; continued to work for about an hour.  It badly wanted to do a virus scan, as it had been pining away for nine days without me, and needed to dispel the “cooties” it picked up in California.  OK, I finally agreed.  Got about two thirds of the way through and it f…r…o…z…e.  Oh noes!  I shut it down, re-booted, and “beep, beep, beep, beep, beep”…well, you get the idea.  It would still be beeping if I didn’t unplug it!  The beast wouldn’t even shut off!

The past nine days have felt as if I’d had a pet at the vet getting her bowel re-sectioned, or something.  I resisted the urge to call California every two days to hear how she was.  I read more.  I wrote more.  But somehow I have been feeling disoriented, almost as if an appendage is missing.  I’ve also felt it shouldn’t feel this way.  After all, my happiness does not depend on having a working computer…….does it?


Metaphysically/metaphorically, I must ask myself: “What does all this mean in my life?”, possibly the most annoying question in spiritual exploration. 😉  I’ll continue to post my thoughts here, when I can get to a computer (arguhhhggggh!)  One of the happenings I’m thinking upon is this:  I checked my stats today, and more people viewed my blog on Thursday than on several days recently that I’d posted something!  And there hasn’t been anything new up here since last Friday!  Some of my oldies are still goodies, I guess.  It’s gratifying and a bit surreal.

So, today, after my beeping beast decided to work less well than it had before I took it to be repaired, I wondered if I should even write this post, or just let ’em ride and see what the traffic brings.  In the end, I found I was not able to stay away.  The beast goes back to the shop tomorrow.  Maybe it will only need a tweak or two, and not have to make the trip to California, again.  If it does, I may just have to go too!

For my own amusement/amazement, I’ve included below a list of the search terms that found me on this very good stat day:

musician personality instrument
my musical personality website
I Never Knew That About London
books that change lives
drummer personality characteristics
definition of procrastination
list of natural highs

I’m actually pleased that people are reading my articles concerning these topics.  They’re among my favorites.  I miss you all in blogland.  Status report soon.

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8 Responses to “Sunspots and my Mother…board”

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i think you’ve just suffered pretty bad withdrawal symptoms. 😛 i wish my stats are like you when i have blogging block and can’t post for a few days. instead, mine goes down, down, down until i panic myself into getting over said block. haha!

cross fingers the beast will come back without any more fuss. 😉

Ouch. Sorry to hear about your MB issues. I have a laptop that frequently seems to forget that it’s plugged into the wall. And considering the battery has enough juice to power the thing for about 2 minutes, that’s a bad thing. Good thing it isn’t my daily driver. It’s just there as a sort of backup file server. I really should invest in a decent box and stick some nice Linux distro on it and make a real file server.

I have to ask… why do you strike through California every time you write it?

Bump!! I am behind u on that one cause when I don’t have access to a computer I feel lost too..

Sometimes it is less a hassle to get a brand new beast…

Good luck my friend…

sulz, yes, I need my fix! {heavy breathing, dilated pupils…} My stats, alas, seem to have been a one-day wonder. They are very low again, now. 😦

Thank you for your sympathy, katm! I’ve been advised to have a backup computer, and I think I’m leaning that way. I have a nine-year-old laptop that acts a bit like yours–but two days ago, it finally stubbornly refused to boot. sigh. Well, it’s been an interesting time to look at priorities. I appreciate your visit!

Rikard, you have to ask, I must answer. I was really looking for something like this No Whining to indicate I do not like California, right now, because that state has my beast! I couldn’t find anything that said “No California” so I did what I thought was the next best thing. Please cut me some slack, as I was in great mental distress at the time! 😕 I realize it came off ambiguous and juvenile. I should pay attention to the sign I used as an example. 😉 It got you to leave a comment, though, Rikard, so it’s all good, right?

Thanks, CV. I may get a laptop backup–but I’m just so reluctant to spend the money right now. I’m glad you understand my lost feelings. There WAS a time in my life I did not have a computer, and I’m sure I found life fulfilling, then. I just don’t remember! 😀

I wasn’t familiar with the No Whining thing, which is why I didn’t get it.

No worries, Rikard. Honestly, I didn’t describe it very well, and you were right to call me on it. As always, I appreciate the time you take to comment. Take care.

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