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Sunspots and the New? computer?

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Just a quick update on my hospitalized computer-beast.  I’m losing patience with my posts about Me and my life without my computer, so with any luck, there’ll only be one more after this one.  I brought the Beast back to Best Buy for the second time.  They have a “lemon” policy there, which means that if it goes back a third time, they’ll give me a new or factory reconditioned computer at their discretion.  So far though, the Beast is back in [California] for it’s second trip in less than two weeks.  I should get to go there this often!  I have relatives I could visit!  I have the feeling that my Beast is getting to know people there, too.

They initially replaced my motherboard, even though all that was wrong, was a rather relaxed video card–I did not have the color red anywhere.  The newly replaced mb worked for one hour and seventeen minutes before it began to BEEP unattractively.  At this point it had No Colors At All.  Or Sound.  Or, Anything, really.  Now I’m told I’d been given a baaaaad motherboard.  I did make some noises along the lines of “Didn’t they test it in [__________(fill in name of state)] to make sure it worked before shipping it back?”

Apparently not.  I have visions of the UPS delivery person feeling s/he must be in a Candid Camera/Twilight Zone episode:  “Submitted for your consideration, an everyday mild-mannered UPS driver becomes aware s/he is delivering the same package over and over again…..”

The good news, though, is that Best Buy had a brand new, but older model laptop they wanted to make into a demo in a couple of weeks.  They sold me this laptop, on the condition that I’m allowed to bring it back and get a full refund within two weeks, and they’d waive the normal 15% “re-stocking”  fee.  In essence, they are loaning me a brand new computer.  As my beloved nine-year old laptop has recently transitioned to the not-discernibly-working realm (I do get attached to these things, don’t I?), I might just consider keeping the new laptop beast as well as the temporarily-indulging-itself-at-a-[California]-spa desktop beast.  The portable came at a very good price, and I could, just barely, justify it as a business expense if I load Power Point on it and use it to make presentations.  Still, it’s an expense I wasn’t planning on, and this puppy–which I’m typing on now–is rather slow.  Seems solid, though, and for a backup, more than adequate.  What to do?

I’m thrilled to have a working computer for the next bit of time, of course.  And, I don’t have to make a decision for eleven more days.  So all is good, if weird, in ComputerMuseVille, for now.  Cheers, y’all, and to Best Buy; the helpful geeks of the week.

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