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The Beast is back! The Beast is back!

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I wanted to wait a few days before posting this to be sure. I brought my computer (affectionately known as “The Beast”) home from its second stay at a rehabilitation center and spa in [California] on Friday. And Saturday.

Three weeks ago, my video card was going, going, almost gone. The color red had gone completely away. There was still one more year on the warranty, so I’d just trot it down to the local Best Buy and they’d pop in a new one, right?

Noooo. First trip to [California]: replaced motherboard. Second trip: replaced new motherboard which had been fried by ailing power supply. Therefore also replaced power supply.

Beast back home at Best Buy—yessss. all is well. it seems. they said. they checked it at the store, and everything…but! They Didn’t Check: {{{The SOUND}}}!!! Got it home, plugged it in—no YouTube!! no ITunes!! no “You’ve Got Mail!”


OK, unplugged the Beastie, took it back to Best Buy, discovered I could still speak English. Apparently, the new motherboard didn’t work with the old drivers. So, the nice technician from the Geek Squad said he’d download some drivers for me. The next 73 minutes went something like this: Look for drivers, try to install them, they don’t work, look for more drivers, fiddle inside the case, restart the Beastie, drivers don’t work, look for more drivers, find some drivers, install them, they work, burn a CD with the new drivers for the nice customer to demonstrate good service.

Alright, we’re in the home stretch now. I watched Gary insert the CD-Rom into the drive and we both watched as…nothing particular happened. Apparently, the old CD/DVD Drive didn’t work with the new motherboard, or the old Windows drivers.

This time, it was only 16 more minutes of: Look for drivers…(well, just re-read two paragraphs up, and you’ll get the idea). Then, Gary discovered the microphone port had not been plugged in, back at the [California] service center. Also, the headphone port. I may not have tried these apparati, or the CD burner for a while, and would not have known they weren’t connected if my new best friend Gary had not been willing to spend the entire afternoon with me.


I left the store, my Beast tucked firmly under my arm. I’d spent so long intimately peering inside my case with Gary, that I checked my paperwork carefully to be sure I hadn’t accidentally adopted or married him.

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