Lotteries and the Inner Vision

Posted on February 1, 2008. Filed under: Culture, Music, Musings, Science, Spirituality |

If I ruled the world won the lottery, I would be lucky in more ways than one, as I’d already have this plan recorded, and could start right away. This post is inspired by similar recent posts (and challenges) by my blog buddies cjwriter and dovelove. Their lists are admirable, and I said to both of them in my comments that I wanted to do a list, too.

1. (suggested by a relative:) Hire security & support for myself and my family, including someone to take phone calls, requests, and deal with other attention this might generate.

2. Pay off my mortgage. I’m so pleased that my first thought would not be to find another house or place to live. I have a small house with a big mortgage, but I love the area, the views, and the peace I find here. I would only make some small improvements, such as new flooring, maybe a couple of new appliances, and paint. I would hire a once-or-twice-a-week cleaner, a landscaper, and a maintenance gardener. I’d work with the landscaper to design a beautiful lush garden, which would include losing that danged desert spoon!

3. Set up trust funds for a certain few relatives.

4. Consider business proposals from friends and other worthies, and perhaps provide seed money as I feel moved.

5-10. This is such a major project that it would take up the rest of my list. I’d found a retreat/learning center on acres of beautiful land. It must have rolling hills, and access to a lake or stream. There, people could come and experience a sense of renewal and regeneration. {note, I’m now switching to present tense, in order to connect more fully with the joy of this!}

There is no one predominant philosophy at the center, all are equally welcome. I’m not saying that I don’t have a philosophy–I do indeed have strong opinions. But, I also feel strongly that many points of view must be valued and respected. Therefore classes and workshops including yoga, meditation, mysticism of many religions, and other spiritual practices are all welcome.

There is a dance barn where transformative and social dance can happen. There is a beautiful art studio right by the creek, which includes areas for painting in several media, sculpture, crafts, metal working–any kind of art that can be facilitated.

There is a music studio and lab as well. State of the art electronic sound equipment lives effortlessly with an acoustically “live” space where my special interest in indigenous instruments can be explored. Can you imagine a concert including didgeridoo, oud, and tabla? Well, I can! Any kind of uplifting musical genre is welcome, encouraged, and taught here.

Did I mention the science lab? I feel that too much “woo-woo” can make me, at least, a bit light headed, so I and others enjoy the lab where we can design and carry out experiments on the effect of conscious processes upon matter and world issues. Can we help clean up our water supply, lessen or stop violence, or rehabilitate formerly fertile fields? Can we use both conscious intent and the scientific method? Let’s find out.

It’s important to me that there are many media of exchange for participation in any of the programs. There are work/study programs, including opportunities to work in the vegetable garden or the kitchen. People who wish to present a program can offer that as part of their “tuition” as well. While there are always opportunities for people to come and participate without paying any “money”, in no case are they looked upon as “scholarship” participants or “charity” cases. Money is just one of the creative media of exchange; no more or less valuable than any other.

And, remember to visit the cafe/bookstore, where presenters’ books are available, along with a great selection of CDs, DVDs, instruments and art supplies! There’s an open mike night, and poetry readings and musical performances are welcome.

The kitchen, of course, provides world-class, healthy, fresh, and delicious food. It’s important that many dietary desires are accommodated, but we do not “preach” about what constitutes a proper diet.

It is my hope that many kinds of people can come. I envision the center as including those who are recovering from injury, accident or illness, therefore all the beautiful garden paths, and all buildings are fully accessible. There are programs of various length, from weekend, to week-long, perhaps even ongoing classes and events. Come for an art weekend, or to explore your inner music.

The basis of all this is Joy, as it is my belief that if we come from there, we are of most benefit to each other. I love to participate in all the activities I’ve listed here, including those I haven’t thought of yet, and it is my great joy to support others in finding their own bliss. I’m always in the volunteer rotation, so you’ll experience my cooking, my gardening, and my cleaning–I hope you’ll come, anyway!

I was cheeky enough, in my comments on cjwriter’s wonderful post, to suggest that he hire a cruise ship and have his blog friends visit. It’s time to put my money (or creative energy) where my mouth (or mouse) is, and invite you to participate in my vision. When the center is up and running, I’ll send you a first-class ticket for the transportation method of your choice, and a pass to any program or class you wish! Just leave me a comment! I archive all these posts, so I’ll be able to go back and find your name. πŸ˜‰

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15 Responses to “Lotteries and the Inner Vision”

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haha, i can imagine getting an invite when i’m 45 and i’ll stupidly throw it away thinking it’s a hoax ‘cos i’d probably have forgotten – you know, old age and all. πŸ˜›

do you buy lottery? i won’t gamble except in play money ‘cos i have lousy luck in gambling!

Well, when you’re as OLD as THAT, I’ll have to send your invitation by special messenger. S/he can wake you up from your rocking chair. 8) When you’re 45, I’ll be…never mind.
Actually, I very rarely buy a lottery ticket. Maybe someone will read this and give me all the money! πŸ˜‰

lolll!!! I’m in, I’m in put me on ur archive list please, Muse…It seems like a ”Wonder-Land” center..If I win the money then I’ll send u an invitation for a possible business partnership…loll!!

Alright, CV, love to have you on the list! I’ll let you know when the center opens & we can work out a business deal. πŸ™‚

Thanks, Muse, problem resolved…

Lovely list, Muse. I like #1; I never thought winning the lottery might make someone into a minor celebrity, but best to be prepared, eh? πŸ˜‰

The retreat sounds amazing… you describe it so vividly, I can almost picture it near the hills and the lake. Somewhere for people to renew themselves, or find themselves again, that sounds like a wonderful thing to do with the money.

Btw, mark me down to come along for the opening! I can’t wait to see the cafe and bookstore. Now we just need to send this to Bill Gates or Bono so they can give you the money. πŸ˜›

Hey, great list, Muse! For years I’ve been interested in “intentional community,” and was very drawn to this one when they first started their dream

Your place made me think of it and so I did a search and see they’re still working toward that dream.

I’ve learned a lot over the years in reading about people’s experiences at these IC’s (intentional communities). The biggee would be that the dream is much easier than the reality, lol I guess that’s often the case πŸ˜‰

But the thing is, many are drawn to these communities wanting to escape (I did) from the wickedness that our society has become. Freedom. Unfortunately, many find that these little worlds are just as controlling and problematic as our larger world…

I s’pose the “moral” is, “wherever you go, there you are” πŸ™‚ When we create the freedom and love and peace within (and do away with the control-freak within), only then will we “escape” the burdens and woes and control-freaks of this world. When we find that heaven within, wherever we are will be “heaven” πŸ™‚

Thanks for the inspiration, cj, and your encouragement. Item #1 was something that didn’t occur to me at first, but my relative read about someone who’d won and then was mobbed by “long-lost” relatives, and people with sad stories. I would want to help some, but there would have to be a systematic way to handle all the details.

You are definitely on the list! Look for your invitation sometime in the next 1-40 years. πŸ™‚ Yes, we shall be fellow bookstore proprietors, on opposite sides of the world. How fun!

Dove, indeed, “wherever you go, there you are”. Love that saying, and your words are good advice. I don’t really see the retreat center as somewhere anyone would live full-time—including me—but a place to come for personal retreats and such. It would be good to consider people’s need, or perceived need to escape. This would be short term though, and perhaps a program could be “How to be in the rest of the World!” πŸ˜€

Wow! What a vision! I love that fact that you shifted into present tense to describe the facilities and programs of your retreat center. I’m ready to call the reservations desk and set a date for arrival. I’ll be bringing my art supplies and my Runes with me, ready to give my workshops on the weekend. :o)

Joyful, what a delightful addition to the staff you will be! Thanks for the comment about “present tense”. It makes it seem more real (and likely). I’ve had this dream for a while, and it’s great to be able to explore it on the blog!

Mornin’ Muse, yep, I realized you were speaking of a “retreat,” it’s just all your ideas reminded me of Earthaven. Myself, I do like the idea of intentional community, like tribes (smaller is better), but what I have come to feel is the heart of it would have to be a healing center, or it would just become what we’ve always had… And establishing those types of ICs across the country is my dream πŸ™‚ I’m thinking maybe the healing center might have to be the first step, and the IC would naturally grow from that.

As far as teaching “how to be in the rest of the world,” to do that you’d have to teach people to wear masks — cause that’s the only way we can really “be” in a world that discounts/loathes our very nature (our human-ness, our emotions, our sexuality, our spiritual-ness). A better healing objective might be to teach one how to live with (love) themselves (the world is just a mirror) and perhaps call it, “Change Yourself, Change the World” or maybe “Love Yourself and Create a Loving World” πŸ™‚


Hi Dove, thanks for sharing the earthaven website; it looks amazing. Many of us don’t have a sense of community where we live, and I think it’s our innate nature as humans to want that. Your topics sound good and helpful. Along with you, I’m fully supportive of Gandhi’s suggestion: “Be the change you wish to see in the world”.

Now THAT would be a fun cult πŸ™‚

Problem resolved, I meant my link…

Tony, having engaged and dis-engaged in some cults over the years, it’s gratifying to know you like mine. OK, you’re on the list! πŸ™‚

Aw, CV, and here I was thinking my blog post had solved all your problems! 8) I knew you meant help with your link. I’m glad your “Colourful Vision” link is now clickable, because I’d love for readers here to be able to find you and your beautiful work.

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