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Are you rare? or well done?

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I had taken the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator several times before, but I’d never seen anything quite like this take on it by our friends at Blogthings (otherwise known as Blogger’s Block’s Best Friend) 😉

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Your Personality is Very Rare (INFP)

Your personality type is dreamy, romantic, elegant, and expressive.Only about 5% of all people have your personality, including 6% of all women and 4% of all men
You are Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Perceiving.

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I didn’t realize I was so rare!  The characteristics seem right, though.  Every version of this test I’ve taken has a different narrative interpretation.  After taking the above test, this next one also showed up on Blogthings.  It’s much more extensive than the first, but I’m still the same personality type.

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You Are An INFP

The Idealist-You are creative with a great imagination, living in your own inner world.
Open minded and accepting, you strive for harmony in your important relationships.
It takes a long time for people to get to know you. You are hesitant to let people get close.
But once you care for someone, you do everything you can to help them grow and develop.In love, you tend to have high (and often unrealistic) standards.
You are very sensitive. You tend to have intense feelings.At work, you need to do something that expresses your personal values.
You would make an excellent writer, psychologist, or artist.How you see yourself: Unselfish, empathetic, and spiritual-When other people don’t get you, they see you as: Unrealistic, naive, and weak

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Finally, as if I needed confirmation—apparently some of you people think I’m a freak! 😮 Naw, not really.  I’m just enjoying a little break from deep thinking.  So, how rare are you?  Do you find such psychological tests helpful in self-understanding and acceptance?

You Are 80% Non Conformist

You are a pretty serious non conformist. You live a life hardly anyone understands.
And while some may call you a freak, you’re happy with who you are.
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