The Moon and the Satellite

Posted on February 20, 2008. Filed under: Culture, Science |

Is it just me, or is it kind of weird that the last full eclipse of the moon for over two years will occur on…the same day the Pentagon is scheduled to shoot down a spy satellite? This chart shows the path the eclipse will take, and where and when it will be visible (in the Pacific, Americas, Europe and Africa). This amazing animation shows the entire night sky for tonight, including labeled constellations, and this one answers all those burning questions, such as “Why is the moon red during an eclipse?” Our current full moon is the “Snow Moon” and the lunar show starts shortly after moonrise.


The spy satellite business is another thing. If you can get past the ads and the comments (nowhere near as intelligent as those on WordPress . com!) this link is to some pictures of both the missile and the satellite, and a good illustrative video of the entire operation. The story is getting remarkably little coverage here in the US. I wonder if we’ll know it’s happening when it does?

It’s going to be busy in the sky tonight. Look up! You might see something.

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11 Responses to “The Moon and the Satellite”

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I’m so bummed! Our skies were cloudy tonight so I wasn’t able to see the eclipse. :o( I hope that you did and were suitably impressed. :o)

I saw it but not long it was too cold out.. A light shadow was covering the moon which was turning a bit orange..Very nice!

That is strange about the satellite… I guess there must have been some kind of reason. For a while they thought that observers might be able to see pieces of the satellite burning up in the atmosphere, so maybe they thought doing it on the same day as the eclipse wouldn’t raise as many concerns as people would be watching anyway?

I was hoping we might have caught a glimpse of some the eclipse as well but I guess we’re in the wrong hemisphere. Oh well, we had a great view of the last one. πŸ˜‰ Some of the pictures have been really spectacular though; the way it moves through from white to yellow to blood read is just amazing to see… TSP has a great picture he took posted on his blog.

Oh, I’m sorry you couldn’t see it, Joyfulseeker. I was able to watch as it totally disappeared–which was way cool–but never saw it come back as we had too much cloud cover by that time. Oh well, we’ll get another chance in 2010! πŸ™‚

CV, you saw some color! Lucky you, I just saw a regular looking moon go away and not come back. For all I know it never did yet!

The last I heard,cj,was that the missile “kill” was successful, but there is much speculation on the “real” mission, and how other countries will view it. We may never know for sure. 😦 Yes, I believe you caught the recent partial lunar? We didn’t get that here. Thanks for the heads up about the photo on TSP–it’s a wonderful pic. [Joyful & CV, if you want to see it, just click “TheSacredPath” to your right, on my blogroll]

ohhhh I missed it! Dang it! I sat curled up in out 40 below zero night with a good book unaware of the show outside.

Oh, too bad, seeing! If my area had the temps. yours did, I’d have stayed inside, too. As it was, we had a “chilly” +40F! If you check out some of the links referenced here, you’ll be able to experience it vicariously, at least! πŸ™‚

I was jealous of my husband who was afforded a perfect view of the lunar eclipse while driving home from work yesterday evening. I was not able to see it through the cloud cover. By the way, I heard on the news that the military was able to successfully shoot down the spy satellite.

I would have loved to see either one!

teeveebee, do look at the pictures. I know it’s not like “being there” but, it’s something. πŸ™‚ I’ve checked in with the news periodically during the day, and it looks like there was a direct hit. They haven’t found any debris “larger than a football” yet.

Update: Three pages of stunning photos of the eclipse from around the world can be found here. There is a good probability that the satellite’s fuel tank—the main source of toxic worry— was destroyed. Article with links to videos and commentary is here.

Agree, strange synchronicity to knock out a satty when the moon is batty .. I often wonder about the news lock outs in the States … for example, are you aware that the Embassy in Belgrade was just attacked? Or that Turkey just ‘invaded’ Northern Iraq with 10,000 troops? Just wondering …

Hello Canadada, thanks for visiting! “satty…batty” —good one πŸ™‚ We do know about the Embassy attack, and apparently have told them to stop that! The No. Iraq invasion was not put to us in quite that way…

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