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I love my blog, really I do. It doesn’t always love me, but that’s another story. Lately, though, there’s something in the air. Or is it the water? I haven’t felt able to post as much as usual, and that “virus” has caught other blogs as well. I’ve seen a real trend towards disgruntlement around the blogosphere. For me, part of it is I’ve taken on another job—in addition to the ones I already have—but I’m not going to say: “I don’t have as much time”… After all, we have all the time there is! 168 hours a week! One simply must prioritize how to spend those hours. High on my list are sleeping, reading, and blogging…..and, oh yeah, working. I also participate in musical and volunteer activities. I devote a number of hours per week to eating, one of my favorite things. And on. And on…

So, because I’ve taken on the new job, I’ve felt I need to a) re-vamp my priority list; and b) organize all the detritus belonging to my various activities so I can easily and instantly access each. I obtained one of those coated metal organizer cubey thingys:

I ended up with seven (!) cubes I assembled into a four-on the bottom; three on top configuration. They fit nicely against a wall of my closet. Have you ever put these cubes together? It took me two and one half hours. For all our sakes, I will not report the running dialogue I had with the cube parts. 😕

In any event, I now have a whole cube labeled “Blog/Web”. I’m so excited. There’s a notepad and pen in there. When I have an idea for a post, I can jot it down; or if there’s a book or magazine I want to blog about, I can just toss it in the cube! And it keeps the Internet stuff away from all the other projects. My life is a series of projects, as I don’t have a “real” job. 🙂

Time will tell if this helps. It’s certainly better than keeping everything in floppy shopping bags, and not being able to see what’s inside. Wish me luck! four-leaf-clover-2.jpg

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