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I love my blog, really I do. It doesn’t always love me, but that’s another story. Lately, though, there’s something in the air. Or is it the water? I haven’t felt able to post as much as usual, and that “virus” has caught other blogs as well. I’ve seen a real trend towards disgruntlement around the blogosphere. For me, part of it is I’ve taken on another job—in addition to the ones I already have—but I’m not going to say: “I don’t have as much time”… After all, we have all the time there is! 168 hours a week! One simply must prioritize how to spend those hours. High on my list are sleeping, reading, and blogging…..and, oh yeah, working. I also participate in musical and volunteer activities. I devote a number of hours per week to eating, one of my favorite things. And on. And on…

So, because I’ve taken on the new job, I’ve felt I need to a) re-vamp my priority list; and b) organize all the detritus belonging to my various activities so I can easily and instantly access each. I obtained one of those coated metal organizer cubey thingys:

I ended up with seven (!) cubes I assembled into a four-on the bottom; three on top configuration. They fit nicely against a wall of my closet. Have you ever put these cubes together? It took me two and one half hours. For all our sakes, I will not report the running dialogue I had with the cube parts. 😕

In any event, I now have a whole cube labeled “Blog/Web”. I’m so excited. There’s a notepad and pen in there. When I have an idea for a post, I can jot it down; or if there’s a book or magazine I want to blog about, I can just toss it in the cube! And it keeps the Internet stuff away from all the other projects. My life is a series of projects, as I don’t have a “real” job. 🙂

Time will tell if this helps. It’s certainly better than keeping everything in floppy shopping bags, and not being able to see what’s inside. Wish me luck! four-leaf-clover-2.jpg

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16 Responses to “Blah blah blog…”

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your blah-ness is infectious, now i’m feeling rather blah myself! maybe it’s because i’m feeling under the weather… anyway, your storage cubes sounds great. if i had one of those i’d probably clutter it up with a lot of other unnecessary but homeless things, so be careful not to clutter it up by thinking i’ll put this here temporarily while i find another place to look for it, but it ends up being making home there.

uh, i hope i make some sense… it’s the cough medicine speaking if i don’t!

I have tried and tried and tried to organise my desk, Muse – I think it will never happen – too much paper in the paperless office. LOL

I’ve put together some of those cubes and two and a half hours sounds good to me! I bought an open bookcase six months ago and thought it would be easy to put up. It was just screws and a few bits of wood… four hours later and I thought it was finally done – only for it to collapse on the other side! They’d only included half the screws. I said a few things that would have made Spock blush. 😕

The cubes sound great, though. It’s so much easier when you know everything has a place… and you could even use it as a cage when your computer starts acting up, show it who’s boss. 🙂 I use drawers now for my papers but I’m still running out of space. I’ll have to sort through it all soon too… I hate doing that. I always end up losing everything.

So you noticed the blogging slowdown too, Muse? It’s strange how the feeling’s spread between blogs… I took a few days off to write but maybe it’s the change of seasons affecting some people. At least there’s always quizzes, eh? 🙂

“High on my list are sleeping, reading, and blogging…..and, oh yeah, working.”

Ah! A person after my own heart. One of these days I expect to work again. Cubes huh? I used to use labeled envelopes when I was writing and then had to remember where I put them all. If I ever move to a place large enough to fit those cubes 🙂 they are on my list of things I must have one day. If I could only find that list.

Oh…about that blogging thing. I feel those vibes too. For me the blogging thing comes and goes. I try not to notice it now unless it grabs me and taps me on the shoulder.

Good luck with your plunge into cubism.

Sorry you caught the blahs, too sulz. It is a bit infectious, it seems. I hope you are better! That’s good advice, about not putting something somewhere “temporarily”. I got in trouble with that when I used paper bags! I didn’t know what was in them. I do have one cube labeled “Incoming”. Probably as miscellaneous as it gets. At least, it will only be the one cube, instead of all seven categories together in one pile in the closet—yech!

Yes, good point, Will, about the “paperless” office!!! Whatever happened with that? I do most things online now, including paying bills, but I have more paper than ever! 😉

Do tell, cj! You only had half the screws? At least I had all my knobs, so to speak. 😉 The cubes are already proving to be helpful. I think they’re starting to unclutter my mind as well as the paper pile. That’s an idea: If my computer beast needs a “time out” I’ll know where to put it! I read in a book that we should have three drawers. Incoming papers go in the top one. If we haven’t looked at them after a week, they go in the middle, and after another week in the bottom one. And here’s the hard part, for me: In week four, we have ten minutes to make a decision whether to file or throw away what’s in the bottom drawer! Help! I guess the theory is that something that seems fresh and important the day we receive it gets pretty stale and boring after a month. I don’t know……So, you’ve noticed the blog blahs, too? I’m told we’re about to have a mini ice age, and we’re all sensing it and it’s making us depressed. Maybe I should stop going to esoteric meetings. 😕 Thanks for the visit. Hope your writing is going well. 😀

Hi Ronnie Ann. I am soooo ready for spring! (I don’t like to talk about that much as I live in the Arizona desert, and other people have real winter, but, heck it’s cold! The temp. fell 15 degrees to 28F overnight, and stayed cold and snowed and everything all day!) Work is ok, really, it’s just that I have several small jobs and I’m more motivated with some than others. I’m not at all a 9-5 office type, though. After a while, I’ll stare out the window, and people will come by and wonder why they’re paying me. And then they don’t. Ah, me. Perhaps you could put your labeled envelopes into categories, and then when you have room to get cubes, you could keep the envelopes in categorized cubes! We could be cube buddies! Hmmm, maybe I need some sleep. Too much cubism. Ta ta 🙂


My desk defies order, so I have accepted its profusion of bits and scraps…as its own kind of order…May The Cube be with you and may you thereby find comfort and an elegant containment from its holding…

I too noticed this “disgruntlement” at least in myself when it seemed the only way to receive comments on any of my post was to visit the blogs of others and leave comments there – and then they would come to my blog and comment…and I started to doubt my comments and the comments of others as being genuine…so I stopped doing that, and guess what my traffic took a nose dive…and that has become OK, I feel better now that I visit other blogs as I wish and when I wish and I do not do so out of a fear that I will not be popular.

Be Well Muse
and Thank You

U are doing a spring cleaning we will say in Canada especially around that time of the year…We need that once and while to reorganize our priorities for better time management…

Somehow I do manage to keep my desk in order. It’s the bookshelves surrounding it that are the problem.

Good luck keeping everything organized, Muse. The cubes should help. I only work September through June so I use the summers to get things organized. Believe me, by June every year there is plenty to do to get things back up to speed. Isn’t there some law of physics that states that all matter tends to move from an organized state to a disorganized state? I think my desk proves that law to be true!

The cubes look great. I’d have them stuffed in no time.

Isn’t there some law of physics that states that all matter tends to move from an organized state to a disorganized state?

Physics was not my best subject but I think I minored in clutter and can confirm that law exists.

Hope your blahs are short-lived. This is why we have chocolate. 🙂

Poetman, it looks as if your desk operates on the “order out of chaos” theory. 😉 I too have considered your dilemma. I do enjoy commenting on blogs, but I’m not interested in a “tit-for-tat” or whatever one calls that. I like to stop by blogs I feel friendly towards, and check in, but only comment when I feel I have something to add to the discussion. For instance, with yours, I read almost everything you write —eventually, but I only comment when I’m able to say more than “Nice poem!” or, “I really liked that!”. If I cannot demonstrate HOW I was moved or changed by your poetry, I just enjoy, and move along. I would be displeased if no one commented, but, along with you, I’m here to express, not collect. You are right, the “hits” take a hit this way, but it makes each comment a treasure. I guess “Blogging without Obligation” should be extended to “Commenting without Obligation”.

CV, I hadn’t realized the correlation with spring! How right you are. I’d thought having more work now was the major motivation, but I’m restless and looking forward to the warmer weather. We had started to get those nice temperatures for a while, but then had a few days of snow & cold. Brrrr.

Interesting, Tony. My bookshelves are neat as a pin, everything arranged by topic and title. And I have a lot of books! So, we’re just the opposite. Perhaps you’ll come organize my desk and files, and I’ll straighten out your bookshelves. Seems like a fair deal.

Thanks for the encouragement, teeveebee! I work during the summer, too, but it’s slower then. So, you’re telling me if I can sort myself out now, and then hang on for 3 months or so, I can really catch up! Yay! Your law of physics is most apt. 🙂

I have passed on your compliment to my cubes, ella. 😀 I could easily stuff them, but hopefully I’ll do that with a nice cannelloni instead! In fact, I did have some chocolate today and it helped. Blahs come and go, but chocolate is forever! (At least I hope so).

blogging used to be a top priority. thing is, i need way too much time to formulate a good blog post. on top of that, the internet connection i use is quite slow. so it takes me even longer to get things done.

until noon i have art classes and in the evening i have theater rehearsals. back when i used to blog regularly i played truant a lot in my real life! but now i can’t afford to that anymore.

organising things – i wonder if i will ever learn that. my room is a complete mess. and i have gotten used to it and it doesn’t bother me anymore! 😀

Netty Gritty, good to see you! It seems that for some creative people the contents of their minds spill out onto their desks! There’s an organizing principle behind that—we just don’t always know what it is. I’m glad you are experiencing such a surge of creativity. As long as you’re happy and creative, I’m happy for you. Don’t forget your blog buddies, though when you publicize your art!

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