Goodbye, Sir Arthur, and Thanks!

Posted on March 18, 2008. Filed under: Culture, Philosophy, Science |

I posted just a few days ago about how Science Fiction changed my life. Most of us knew about Arthur C. Clarke’s writing career, his collaboration with Stanley Kubrik on the amazing film 2001: A Space Odyssey, and how several novels came out of that experience; that he’d lived in Sri Lanka for many decades, and was disabled for much of his long, 90 year life.

I like to remember him by his three wishes for his recent 90th birthday. You may watch his birthday greeting to us here.

Sir Arthur departed this dimension on Tuesday of this week. He was a huge literary and scientific presence. He gave me and many others much delight. I sincerely hope his three wishes come true.



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5 Responses to “Goodbye, Sir Arthur, and Thanks!”

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While I wasn’t a fan of his writing, Muse – the man was a visionary, he will be missed.

Indeed, Will. The man deserves to be remembered for promoting space travel in addition to everything else. Thanks!

I like one of his wishes in particular..”To get a call from exterrestrials” loll!! Sound pretty cool, I like that!

I was sad to hear of his passing too, Muse. Clarke’s legacy is incredible and even though he wasn’t one of my favorite authors, he gave me a lot of joy and Childhood’s End in particular is amazing… I still remember the rush I got reading it for the first time. He’ll be missed but his vision will live on forever.

I hope his wishes come true too. Particularly peace in Sri Lanka; after all they’ve been through and the tsunami, let’s hope it happens. And it’d be nice to think we might make first contact; personally I think it’d be centuries away, but who knows? It makes us dream and it’s a wonderful dream to have.

Thanks for the tribute, Muse. As long as we remember them then the greats will always be with us… I’d actually love to see both Clarke and Asimov honored if the shuttles go back to the Moon or Mars. Something like a small area of land named after them would be a fitting tribute.

It would be nice if Sir Arthur is visiting with the ET’s now, CV. I like to imagine that he is. Who knows what dwells in the other dimensions… 😉

I think Childhood’s End and of course the 2001 series will be remembered for a long, long, time, cj. His work promoting space travel helped us get as far as we have, so far. I really want someone to visit the moon again soon, though! I found his birthday message poignant. There were hints in it that he thought it may be his last. (Of course on one’s 90th, and in his condition, one might not need lots of other hints). That’s a wonderful idea you have for memorializing both him and Asimov. They both brought such vision to their work and made space travel and interstellar communication seem possible for us. 🙂 Thanks for your thoughts.

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