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Do you even WANT to know five things about me?…

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…let alone 5 x 5? This one’s called “Fluff Five”, and I’ll just state, unequivocally, and for the record, that my blog is NOT fluffy! 😀 I think the meme is inappropriately named, however, as the answers sought are quite insightful. I love a good meme, unlike some poor souls that get tagged repeatedly (Oh, no, not again!), and am one who believes that being tagged does not put one under ANY obligation to respond. That being said, I will include some taggees I’m genuinely curious about…

Thank you Juan of Bloggin’ Cool for coolly taggin’ me.

5 Things Found In Your Bag (I’ll choose my soft-side briefcase for this)

  • Sheet Music (at the moment, classical choral music, and transcriptions of chants from many cultures)
  • 7 pencils and 2 pens (this counts as one item because they’re in a case!)
  • Organizational banking paraphernalia
  • “Ode” magazine
  • Non-fiction book of the month? day?

5 Favourite Things In Your Room

  • Electronic musical keyboard
  • Collection of cymbals, chimes, and flutes
  • my beastly Computer and her peripherals
  • Bed
  • 200 or so books

5 Things You Have Always Wanted To Do

  • Sing in the Berkshire summer choral music festival
  • Spend time alone exploring Glastonbury; Stonehenge; maybe some crop circles…
  • Spend many days in the musea and galleries of Washington D.C.
  • Plant and manage a really stunning garden
  • Learn Italian

5 Things You Are Currently Into

  • Choral singing
  • Event planning and publicity
  • Arts Management
  • Voracious fiction and non-fiction reading
  • Sci-fi and alternate reality TV show & computer games

5 People You Want To Tag

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