What “Energy Medicine” does and what I think about that.

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Ten minutes of self-treatment can do more than years of drugs or therapy. Please notice I said “can” and not “will”. There are no guarantees here, but so far, I’m impressed. Today’s post is a continuation of one I began yesterday about the Energy Psychology conference I attended recently. That one started to get very long, and I had other topics to address.

Energy Psychology uses points on the body known as “Meridians” determined thousands of years ago by practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and also called “Acupuncture Points”. We don’t use needles, or any invasive procedures, but rather teach people to address their own energy system. Some practitioners use traditional (eastern) Indian practices (Yoga and Ayurveda) as well, which also have energy centers (chakras) as part of their system.

For myself, any time I have a pattern of behavior that isn’t serving me, or any time I’m not feeling well for any reason, I can use these techniques to feel better, or engage behaviors which better serve me. I have transformed relationships with some of my family members, both living and deceased. The work with people who have passed on is particularly moving. It’s our memories and encoded emotions about the people which continue to cause hurt, even after the person has gone, and these practices can allow the stuck energy around them to go. We still retain the memories, they just don’t hurt. As for physical issues, practitioners make no claims to cure everything, or anything, but the phrase “try it on everything” applies. Many, many people (myself among them) have gotten tremendous physical relief for a variety of conditions after releasing the “stuck energy” from their bodies.

A question I’m sometimes asked, (and I’ll warn you in advance that I don’t have a good answer for this,) is “If these methods have been around in China and India for thousands of years, why aren’t all the people in those countries walking around in perfect health and bliss?” This is an excellent question. I can only surmise that all peoples and countries go through eras and trends. These ancient methods are not currently very “trendy” even in their home countries at the moment, and historically there have always been people that seek power which undermines the helpfulness of subtle energy medicine. This is not a good answer, and I’m planning more research into the social history involved.

Having said all that, I am aware of many people who are using these techniques now, and getting real results. There are lots of offshoots of the original discovery in this field, Thought Field Therapy (TFT) developed by Dr. Roger Callahan. The story of its discovery and development is fascinating, and can be read here if you’re interested. My favorite technique remains the same, even after learning wonderful new ones at the conference. EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a simplified protocol derived from TFT, as its developer found that it worked just as well—and took less time—to treat all the major acupuncture points, without the diagnosis and specific treatments necessary in TFT.

There are a lot of refinements one can learn about EFT, but, bottom line, it simply involves tapping with two fingers along a series of points on the body. Any of us can learn to do this ourselves, and if we keep the issue we’re treating in mind by using a few key phrases, we can release the flow of energy which had been blocked. This often results in tremendous freedom and healing.

At the conference I learned several methods which look like a string of initials: AIT, BSFF, EMDR, TAB, TAT. (If you’re interested, you can “Google” any of those acronyms along with he word “energy”!) Two of the techniques are very gentle, and I’ve found them helpful for things like insomnia (when “tapping” might be too stimulating while trying to fall asleep), and for headache, migraines, or upper body pain (when we wouldn’t want to aggravate the pain by tapping on already sore areas).

Touch and Breathe“, or TAB, teaches us how to gently hold the areas of meridian points while using a deep breathing technique which relaxes the body while encouraging the flow. The developers of TAB encourage specific treatment points for specific conditions, but I find it effective if I just use all my usual EFT points. I sometimes have bouts of insomnia, and I’ve been known to fall asleep with my fingers still on my upper lip, for instance, as I actually nod off during the treatment. I like the book The Energy of Belief very much, as it brings another perspective into these therapies (which I agree with), that we are more than just our bodies, and we can treat the “information systems” which exist beyond the body, too. Both authors were presenters at the conference, and I found them persons of integrity who “walk their talk”.

Another new system I learned is called the ZPoint process. It works directly with the belief system, where all misdirections of energy start. I find it really helpful for healing relationships; taking the “emotional charge” out of sadness, betrayal, or emotional abuse. I learned this from the developer, again at the conference (it was SUCH an opportunity to meet these people πŸ™‚ ), and his particular mission is to develop tools to allow us to feel at peace, virtually all the time, no matter what is going on around us. Sounds good to me! He had a very peaceful, calming presence during his presentation, and I wanted to have that, too. We practiced the process, choosing a colleague to bring to mind that we’d like to have a more peaceful relationship with. (Can you think of anyone like that in your life? πŸ˜‰ ) I can honestly say I left the room feeling more peaceful, forgiving, and friendly towards the person I chose than I had in months. I was very relaxed, too.

So, my basic toolkit starts with EFT. (I’ve posted this before, but I still think this nice 7-minute video from its founder gives a great overview, and has some cool graphics, too!) But, while I use EFT for most things, it’s wonderful to have techniques that approach the energy field from a little different angle to give some dimension to the practice. Anyway, I’ve never wanted to be just a one-trick pony. Peace; Salaam; Shalom.


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24 Responses to “What “Energy Medicine” does and what I think about that.”

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This is a great post…very interesting and brings up good questions.
There is a new movie out…Soul Masters that gives some unique insights into energy and spiritual healing. The movie introduces viewers to a unique and powerful form of healing, and the physician-healer-spiritual masters who are using their extraordinary power to perform what many would call miracles.

The movie is introduced through the eyes of the director who travels to China to document this unusual form of healing after one of the masters, Dr. Zhi Gang Sha, does an extraordinary healing on her seriously ill father. The film takes you inside the center of Master Guo, teacher of the younger Master, Zhi Gang Sha. Here seriously ill patients recover when all other avenues are closed to them. We see the daily operation of this 800 bed center, the unique use of herbs, fire massage, exercise, healings and blessings.

At the heart of the entire movie is the key to healing which is openly demonstrated and discussed by both masters, and in a variety of ways. The key to healing is the power of the soul.This could also be called the Tao or message. This movie opens the door to understanding how this works and how to access this power and put it into everyday practice to serve others and eliminate suffering.

The concept of soul power is brought to new heights as the younger master returns to the west and continues to vastly expand the soul healing service. He offers what he calls soul transplants. We see him at the United Nations receiving a special humanitarian award and performing extraordinary healings on ordinary (disabled) people. We see this master in many different venues…medical office, outdoor, classrooms, churches…he is everywhere performing these healing miracles and connecting to the heart and soul of the people he heals. The scenes are both moving and exciting.

The Masters have a special bond with each other. They are clear and direct about how these miracles happen…you heal from your heart. You touch the heart of another. You forget yourself. You connect with the essence (soul). The movie is both exotic and very ordinary. You feel comfortable and familiar in it’s environs. The viewer is clearly a welcomed guest and nothing is held back.

You can get more information at http://www.soulmastersmovie.com

Thank you for the link to the movie, chanrazig, and for visiting. I watched the movie preview, and it does look like a fascinating and inspiring documentary; something I’d want to see.

hmm, energy medicine is a bit like acupuncture, but you use your fingers the way acupuncture uses needles? πŸ˜› this is the first time i’ve heard of it (well, not literally, but through your blog i mean) and it’s interesting to learn. πŸ™‚

Yeah, sulz, it’s kind of like using your fingers as acupuncture needles, but we don’t poke into the body, just tap gently on it. πŸ˜‰ Thank you, glad you found it interesting. πŸ™‚

Energy medicine in all its forms is great and it’s slowly changing the World for the good. The importance of restoring your energy fields and balance after a sleep is essential. This is important because often when we sleep our spiritual part may leave our body and visit times when we have had some emotional disturbance in the past and this can effect the integrity of our Human Energy fields

With Love
Ian Stone – Founder HEART Energy Healing System
Human Energy Assessment Release Treatments, <
Metaphysical Institute

Very interesting post. I’ve never taken to the idea of acupuncture, but I’m told that it works (I don’t like the idea of needles). Tapping and breathing I can live with!

I sent for information on EFT and the free info for beginners. Still waiting for it to show up in my inbox. πŸ™‚

Since my GM is very busy, I’m not going to bother her and am going to try this on my own. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Thanks Muse.

Have you heard of this place?

Ian, thanks for visiting and sharing your website. Looks like a lot of fascinating information there. The topic of what happens before, during and after sleep is certainly deserving of attention, and you’ve given me something else to think about regarding energy work. πŸ™‚

Thank you! I’m not a big needle fan, either, B0bby, and one of the things I like about this work is that it’s non-invasive. Yup, tapping and breathing. I understand breathing, in particular, is highly recommended for humans. πŸ˜€

Hope you get it soon, bead. When I downloaded my manual the first time, it came right away (as far as I remember; it’s been several years!) I’ll be very interested in how it goes with you, and you can tell GM about it later! I’m pleased you are interested in this. No, I haven’t heard of the folks in your link. I took a look, and was surprised I didn’t know such a community exists. I’ll look at them some more, thanks. πŸ™‚

I still don’t have it. Maybe I should try again?
The link I had left. That is where my GM and GF got their degrees. They didn’t actually go there. But took the courses somewhere here in Canada.

Hmmm, really, BD? Mine came almost instantly. Did you try it from here? http://www.emofree.com/downloadeftmanual.asp
Gosh your GP’s are/have been amazing people!

Still don’t have it. Maybe I messed up my e-mail addy. I will try again.

I don’t really remember much about my GF but my GM is still learning new things. Reiki Master, gems and healing. She’s never home! Always off taking some course or another. I can’t even keep up with her. LOL!

I just went out to take some photo’s of some wild flowers for you and my battery was dead. Once it charges, I’ll put them up. It’s still too cold at night to do any planting. I hope by next week to get things going.

I’m not good at design, so don’t expect much πŸ™‚

It was my mistake! I just did it, and got it right away! Shaking head….

I never check things when I type! Another bad habit to overcome πŸ™‚

oh nice post!

Oh, thank you, bead, for the photos, I can’t wait to see them! I’m glad you got the EFT manual, there’s a lot in there. “Another bad habit to overcome”—there you go! The first thing to work on with the manual. πŸ˜€

Thanks, kaylee πŸ™‚

I’ve skimmed it but need to buy some ink and I’ll print it out. I can’t take something like that “in” while sitting at the computer.

I am really excited about it and haven’t peeped a word about it to my GM. I want to surprise her. She has hinted that she would like to teach me the things she does, and to give me her course books, but I just wasn’t ready. So doing this on my own will surprise her. And it’s something I know she will be interested in. She’ll be all over it like a dirty shirt!

If I can learn to do this I won’t have to call her every time I have an “issue” πŸ™‚ She’s busy enough!

BD, you go, woman! I did a tremendous amount of self-healing with just the manual. GM is in for a big surprise! Can’t wait to read about her reaction, but more importantly, the benefits you experience. πŸ™‚

[…] As my favorite (living) physicist, Fred Alan Wolf says: “There is no ‘there’ out there”. I extrapolate from this to say further that what we perceive as reality is, in fact, only perception. The entire universe “exists” inside our own minds. This is not just a philosophical abstraction, but a tangible—if elusive—quantum physical principle. Therefore it’s possible, once we realize it, to actually change the biochemistry of emotion right inside our own brains. I’m so looking forward to leaving the “smug bug” behind! *for my favorite tool to let go of unwanted stored emotions, see this post. […]

[…] where we are mentally, or, more accurately, in consciousness. In this case, energy techniques like EFT can help tremendously. We need something to shift the energy out of old patterns of behaviour and […]

Excellent article. I love EFT. It is my starting
point and I combine it with the The Emotion Code
technique as well. These two techniques have
advaced my inner work. It is something I will use
for the rest of my life so I don’t get trapped
in “trauma” mode as I have since childhood.

Thank you, Inner Healing. I had not heard of the Emotional Code before. Also took a look at your website. I see there is more to learn; always a good thing! πŸ™‚

I have also watched Soul Masters and in fact have attended seminars offered by Master Sha where ancient secrets and techniques are revealed to allow oneself to heal ourselves and to help others through ‘The Power of The Soul’. Check out his books and website: http://www.drsha.com

Re: Soul Masters Movie (chanrazig post)

I agree with you. Soul Masters is an amazing movie that absolutely touched my heart and soul in deep and profound ways. I have watched this movie over and over again. The soul secrets, wisdom, knowledge, and practices about the healing and spiritual journey are profound. Very rare masters reveal such wisdom and give such an intimate and up close look at their work and lives. Each time I watch it, I receive some deeper insights and aha moments. I have experienced hearing things differently or in a new was as I grow on my spiritual journey. Soul Masters is a movie that you can watch over and over again and benefit more and more. I call all to watch this movie. Receive the teachings and blessings contained within it. Watching this movie is a healing experience in itself.

[…] efficiently allow us to let go of the unwanted residual energy. My favorite technique is described here, but there are others I use and that other people have found. I no more want to give a method; a […]

Thank you Robert and David for promoting the work of Dr. Sha. As it happens, I have the opportunity to view Soul Masters with a group, and will hear him speak soon after. Serendipitous!

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