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When life intrudes upon Blogging

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I like to Blog, as many of us do. I use the broader definition of “blogging” to mean more than writing and publishing posts, but also reading other blogs, commenting on them, answering comments on mine, maintaining content, research, brainstorming, finding or taking pictures, blog-related emailing, learning new blogging tricks, quietly contemplating, and sitting for long periods of time with “blank look on face” waiting for inspiration. So you see that this all takes a great deal of time.

I’m not complaining about this, mind. It’s just that every once in a while Other Parts of my Life interfere with blogging! Can you imagine? I try to remain good-natured about this, but sometimes it’s difficult. Just look at what I have to put up with:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

work—Now, I really enjoy the work I do, so that’s OK, but apparently, if one is a blogger, someone, somewhere, expects Money in order for one to have a Computer to blog upon, and a Room to blog in. One must work, or be independently wealthy.

telephone calls—I found telephones irritating even before I started blogging. I’m just not a “phoney” person! The only person I’ll willingly speak to on the phone for any length of time is my sister, and that’s only because she lives far away. Anyone else, it’s email for you!

family—Whether or not you live with family members, you will notice that, at times, they want to TALK to you! This is very time consuming. I sometimes just send them an email, even if they’re in the same room!

email—Email can sometimes go right along with blogging, but it’s those OTHER emails, the ones inviting me to lunch, or asking me to respond if I’ll attend a meeting that can really cut into blogging time.

friends—I’m talking about the live ones here, the ones whose real bodies I’ve actually seen; do you have any of those? I really do enjoy meeting them for lunch or an activity, but, when they ask me what I’ve been up to, I mumble incoherently something about a lot of writing in my “Personal Journal”. I call it that so they won’t ask to read my blog, because then it would be a whole different kind of blog. If you know what I mean.

house cleaning/tidying—Low on my priority list, but every now and then if I look up from the computer I’ll notice a layer of fuzz or haze, or [‘scuse me a mo’ while I look it up…oh, yeah!] dust! This dust thing is not good because if I were to let one of those “friend” people in here (see notation above) and there was “dust” on display, I’m socially conditioned to think They Won’t Like me as Much. If I stopped blogging long enough to notice, that would make me sad. Also, dust makes me sneeze, and sneezing delays typing.

shopping—The food kind of shopping is OK, if uninspiring, because if there’s one thing I like Even More than Blogging [shhh, don’t tell] it’s eating. The clothes kind is hard because I don’t like trying things on, so I do a lot of that online (while multi-tasking replying to comments) where I get to dress my “virtual model”. This is satisfying because when the clothes arrive I find I look much better than my “virtual model”, w00t! As for furniture, housewares, dishes and the like, well, if you take the time to do it right the first time (which I did before I started my blog) then you don’t need any more of those things for, like, 76 years, right?

hobbies—Now, I know, some of your friends will tell you blogging IS a hobby. Don’t listen to them! Blogging is lifeblood, we all know that. You may engage in other activities which could be considered hobbies, though: music; art; coin collecting. If you do, and you don’t blog about them at least once per month, they should be considered Wastes of Time, and eliminated.

holidays/vacation—I was just on one of these, and rediscovered that there is something called “The World” there outside my room/office. Imagine! It was just enough time to give me fresh perspective and new ideas. I would strongly caution you not to let these things go on too long…

sleep—There is so much research out there now indicating that sleep is eventually necessary for humans (and several other species, I believe) that I can’t really argue, but there are rules: It is OK to go to bed if you have Fallen out of your Desk Chair because you’ve Nodded Off whilst typing a post. Otherwise—keep at it, baby!

reading—All right, this is one of those guilty pleasures that I’m almost ashamed to admit: I really, really like to read. And while I’m in a confessional mood: Not Everything I Read is something I will Blog About! Shocking, I know. I hope you’ll keep reading here, even after knowing this about me.

gardening/farming—There are some aspects of these activities which my be considered “hobbies” (see listing above, and if they are, you might consider stopping them.) Some of you, though, actually grow food for human consumption. If so, we’ll reluctantly allow it.

pets—I would have thought all bloggers would only have cats for pets, which don’t require walking. Cats are the perfect pets for bloggers because they will pretend to be as aloof as you are for most of the day, but occasionally will sit on your keyboard, or paperwork, or even [I’m not kidding] on your lap, just to remind you there are actually other creatures in the world, and they don’t all live in your computer. Throw ’em some kibble, pet ’em for five minutes, and it’s back to work! What’s astounding to me, though, is it seems a sizeable number of bloggers have dogs! Amazing.

television—I do watch some television, although it’s increasingly easy to ignore. I watch science fiction, a couple of quirky detective shows, and, occasionally, home improvement shows to see what other people who aren’t blogging do while they are home. I allow myself this, as I have a notebook close by in case I get an idea for a post from a TV program. This rarely happens.

movies/concerts/plays—In spite of the fact that I have to Go Out of the House to do these things, I do do them. [do do?] Who knows why? Must be some small eccentricity; we all have them.

laundry—Now, we all know we don’t need clean underwear to write a blog post! Your mother told you always to wear clean underwear in case of an accident; I’m aware of very few accidents which happen during blogging. None of you know what I’m wearing (it’s not that kind of blog!) or when it was last laundered, and furthermore you don’t care. Or at least you didn’t until I started writing about it. Ooops…

classes/lectures/meetings—blog fodder/blog fodder/blog fodder.

exercising/sports—Trust me, there are really good reasons to engage in these activities. They may seem like a Waste of Time at first, but if you’re fit and flexible, with a good bloodflow to the brain, you will write better posts. (Please don’t look to this one as an example. I haven’t had my walk yet today.)

bodily functions—I’m not saying any more about these, other than to say you may imagine them to be whatever you choose. 😉

There is something that doesn’t compete with my blogging time, whether it’s at home, or out with friends: eating, (somewhat related to the “shopping” topic, above.) This is one of the few things that gets my mind completely off the blog. (I’m not saying there aren’t others; again, use your imagination—if you have any left after reading this post.)

These are just a few of Life’s Little Intrusions which take away from blogging time…of course, a lot of this is tongue-in-cheek, but a fair amount is not. I’ll leave you to guess which is which. 😀 I am, actually, grateful for all of the above intrusions. They give me things to blog about!

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