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I really was planning on a “serious post” today, but then I found I’d been tagged by sulz, of bloggerdygook, for a meme at almost the same instant I posted my latest meme, yesterday. So, because sulz is not to be denied, here are my answers to hers (she wrote this herself!) There goes the weekend! πŸ™‚

1. What does gobbledygook mean to you? —Blogging diva sulz asks this question, as her blog name, Bloggerdygook is derived from the above word. I tend to think of gobbledygook (at least regarding her) as “random wisdom emerging most delightfully.” The dictionary defines it this way: “wordy and generally unintelligible jargon”, but that doesn’t apply to sulz! Wordy, yes (in a good way), and maybe very occasionally unintelligible, but mainly witty and wise.

2. What do you like about yourself? —I like that I’m independent; intelligent; curious; spacey; willing to instantly change my beliefs to more suitable ones for my current circumstances.

3. What activity do you enjoy doing, that you never thought you would until you tried it? —Um, I want to be honest, here, and I can’t really think of one. I try very few things without a reasonable certainty that I’m going to like it, and on those occasions I’ve said “Well, I’ll try it once!”, I’ve generally not been swayed by my actual experience to like something I’d thought I wouldn’t. Contrary to popular opinion. Or maybe I’m just snarky?

4. What have you learnt about yourself from your previous (and current) romantic relationships? —Gosh, that’s a huge question. I have learned I can never meet another’s expectations, and it’s probably not useful to try. I’ve learned that every day I’m in a relationship is a new choice, and it’s important to share more joy than angst. I’ve learned companionship is key; the other stuff is other stuff.

5. What physical traits do you find attractive in the opposite sex? —Alright, sulz, I’d better answer this one carefully. I’m not that focused on physical traits although, of course I notice them! I would say a physically fit body is a good thing, as I like to keep fairly fit myself. (You know, toned muscles, but not overdone!) Also deep, mysterious eyes will get my attention.

6. Do you believe in any superstitions, or have some particular ritual? —No, about superstition, but that’s because I believe reality is whatever I declare it to be and that there is no absolute reality outside of my ability to perceive it. One definition of superstition is “persistent belief in the irrational even after evidence to the contrary”. All well and good—I just don’t give much credence to “evidence to the contrary” or any other kind of evidence, for that matter, so the notion of “superstition” doesn’t mean much to me. On the other hand, I do have my rituals, and I believe in their ability to keep me on track, so I like them. One is when I wake up, I like to make a cup of tea and then take it back to bed with me. I will usually write for a half hour or so while I’m sitting up in bed. I get different material than I do when I’m fully awake. Another one I like is going for a walk every day. It’s both a moving meditation and exercise!

7. What’s the nicest thing you’ve ever done for somebody? —Specifically for someone else? I think it was when I was a daycamp counselor when I was 15, because it was the first time I really felt I had the ability to make a difference in someone’s life. One of the little girls had come to the camp with her best friend she’d had all her life. She was a shy girl, and her best friend made new friends and ignored this poor girl. We’d gone to the beach for the day, and the girl was sitting alone and crying, wondering what she’d done wrong. She was convinced her friend would never like her again, nor would anyone else. The other kids were playing in the water, but I sat with this girl and somehow convinced her that life would go on, that people would like her (because I did, so I could tell!) and that her friend was just excited by new experiences. We bonded, and I could see hope on her face. This incident obviously stays with me; it was very cool.

8. If you could do something with your blog (cost, time and other factors irrelevant), what would you do? —Other than write in it a bit more than I do, not really much else. I’m pretty happy with my little piece of blog real estate. I don’t really notice bells and whistles, I just like to write here. So here I am.

9. Books, chocolates, sex. Make a sentence with it —“These books say chocolate is actually better than sex, so I think we should experiment and find out!”

10. If you were dead now, what would people most remember about you? —Well, they really wouldn’t have to try to remember me for a while, because I’d haunt them. After I got tired of that, I hope they would say that I demonstrated passion for my connection with all that is. Amen.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This was a very thoughtful meme, and I congratulate its author, sulz. I’m still a little wary of tagging, at the moment, as I was yesterday, but if you recognize yourself from one of the following three descriptions, and want to participate, you’re it!: 1. “You teach yoga, wax philosophic, and have a new granddaughter.” 2. You blog very cool, you’re a CSS expert, and the newest forum is your friend.” 3. “You find just the best deals on travel while you still maintain your spiritual journey.” AND, if you are anyone else who’s read this far, and you are drawn to this excellent meme, you are cordially invited to participate. Just let me know if you do!


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12 Responses to “Meme again; it’s meme for a day”

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1. me, diva??
2. hmm, learnt something about you there. πŸ™‚
5. aha, there’s a physical trait of you uncovered! the colour of your eyes or hair next. πŸ˜›
6. goodness, you go back to bed and you don’t fall asleep?? what’s the magic trick? πŸ˜€
7. wow, that is super super nice, considering she wasn’t your close friend or anything. i’ve experienced something like what the girl had, and i wish i had someone who could’ve advised me about the situation then.
9. meh, not very sexy at all. only you could use your witful imagination and make it such! πŸ˜›
10. so will you be like casper the ghost or like the creepy star of a haunted movie? πŸ˜† and do you travel worldwide in your haunting period? haha!

thanks for playing, very interesting answers! πŸ™‚

I enjoyed reading your answers to this meme. I did it too. I liked the questions on this one. Better than asking what flavor ice cream do you like.

I enjoyed this one too.
Like your answer to #4

#7, that was very nice of you, Muse. The smallest things, a bit of time given or kindness can mean so much to another person. πŸ™‚

Haunting…A woman asked me if I wanted her to come back and visit. I told her, no way. Now I wish I had said yes!

Yes, you, diva, sulz! (In a good way, of course. πŸ˜‰ ) You mean all three of my eyes, and seven feet of my hair? 6-well, I am having tea! 7-thank you. I really think it changed my perspective. 9-oh, you’d be amazed what is going on in my witful imagination! But this is a G-rated blog… Thank you for writing it! I learned about myself as well as you. πŸ™‚

Oh, good, joan! I’m coming over to read what you wrote. Thank you! (chocolate, by the way πŸ˜‰ )

Thanks for liking #4, beadden, I hadn’t quite consolidated that until I answered the question. Yeah, #7 was a special moment. I wonder if the girl remembers it now—but it doesn’t matter, as I do and it changed me! I will be happy to haunt you, bead, if I go first and you’d like me to, just let me know. πŸ˜‰ I actually have a story about that I may write about sometime.

This is a really good meme. I learnt a surprising amount about you from reading it.

#7 was really nice. You sound like a really kind person!

Mind you, being haunted sounds a little scary!

I like your answers to 4 ….7 ….and… 10. As for 9 I thought that was a great answer. I myself would probably say something like…If its a choice between books, chocolate and sex, naturally I will take the books!

Thanks, B0bby! It was a good meme; sulz is a good memeist. πŸ™‚ You are welcome to answer this one too! I’d be very interested in your answers (perhaps after exams?) You learned a “surprising” amount? Oh, now I’m nervous… πŸ˜‰ I wouldn’t do the scary kind of haunting, honest, just would like to check up on people before I go elsewhere. And I realize I didn’t answer sulz‘s question about haunting (sorry 😦 ), so since it’s on the same topic I hope you won’t mind sharing a little comment response space with her! I will haunt worldwide, definitely including blog buddies. Since I will no longer be embodied, I’ll be able to find your energetic blog signature, and therefore find you! Or something…I’m not sure what I’m talking about, but I’ll figure something out! πŸ˜‰

Magik, it looks like you’ve answered a one-question mini-meme! I like your answer, hahaha! Faced with those choices, I don’t know…after all, chocolate is mighty good. πŸ˜‰ Thank you for reading my answers. sulz’s questions enabled me to learn something about myself as well. (Now, what would Magik’s answers be? hint, hint) πŸ˜€

Nice answers how you been? I will write a new blog post soon πŸ™‚

Thanks kaylee, I’ve been very well, and a little bit busy. But I bet you know what that’s like these days! πŸ™‚ If you’re going to write a new post, I’m just going to have to read it then! Happy continuing recovery at home to you… πŸ˜€

Now that’s an idea: I’ll give the meme a go when I have the time. Thanks for being interested!

I only meant I was surprised at how much the meme can tell you about the writer. I didn’t mean I learnt anything bad or anything like that! 0_0;

Oh, good, B0bby, I’d be very interested, when you get time, and I’m not the only one!
OH, whew! No, actually you didn’t scare me VERY much; I did put the [wink,wink] smiley in there. πŸ˜‰

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