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A year in the life of a blogger

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So, it’s my bloggiversary today. I’ve had this blog for a year, now, and I am a changed person for it.

When I first started the blog, every time I posted, I quickly clicked on WordPress’ “Latest Posts” section to see my little avatar and title there. 😉 I found out you have to be fast, because there are a lot of posts coming along. Then, I’d check out a WordPress category my post should be listed under, to see how much of my post would show up. I fantasized being a blogsurfer there, and tried to figure out if I’d want to read my own post. 😕 I don’t do these things any more (well, hardly ever), but I do check my stats, like, 12 times a day, and then promptly forget what they are!

Every single time I hit that “Publish” button, a thrill—of fear and anticipation; of accomplishment and fulfillment—goes through me. Even if the post’s just a quiz or a meme, I still have that reaction. If it’s something I’ve poured my heart and soul into, even more of one. I have to actually get up and leave my office for a few minutes, and not look at the latest post for a while in that case. I thought this reaction would eventually wear off. While there is nothing quite like that first post on a brand new, clean blog, I haven’t come to take posting for granted. Before MusEditions, I’d played around with a couple of “home pages” on my email client, but never really took to it. I’d never tried social networking, either.

Quite honestly, I didn’t come here to be social. I’d guessed, correctly as it turns out, that seeing my writing up on a “website-looking thing” would stimulate me to write more than I had been, and I wanted to do that. I saw some other people’s posts getting quite a few comments, and others not many. I vaguely wondered if people would comment on my posts, and what I would do if they did. I didn’t realize that this sort of interaction would change my life (yet again) and that I’d take to it like a duck to water!

The manifestations have often been startling:  Blog friendships come and go. Now, while this is not news, the “how” of it all has been fascinating to watch. Some blogships burn brightly for several weeks or months, and then just quietly burn out. With others, we find we no longer meet each other’s needs/expectations/moral standards/world view, and you—or I—move on. Then there are those who start off blogging with great enthusiasm. They post and exude and I’m fascinated, and think “This one’s a keeper!” After a while, blogging loses its freshness; its initial appeal. Perhaps it becomes more time consuming than they thought, or their topics don’t interest them as much, or they have writer’s block or a shortage of ideas. Often, they’ve gotten a new job, a new relationship, or a change in the state of their health. For whatever reason, they either drift off, or just stop abruptly. I find these the saddest, somehow.

Certainly no one is obligated to blog. It’s an outlet for some, an experiment for others. It’s not for everyone. I know plenty of people who just don’t get it:

Well, are you like, a journalist, or something?

Isn’t that just putting your personal diary up on the web for all the world to see?

Why don’t you just write your thoughts in a word processing program and then publish them or something?

What do you mean, comments are cool?

As I said, it’s not for everyone. I don’t collect coins, for instance, but I can see why someone would value that activity: join a club; go to conventions; meet other coin enthusiasts. I have some interests like that, too. With blogging, though, we can share all our interests in one place. As I’m basically an introvert that can spend many happy hours alone doing various things on the computer, it just suits me. I’ve written before about how amazingly wonderful it is to get to know people from all over the world I wouldn’t have met otherwise. The magic and wonder of that opportunity remains.

So as I complete my first year here on WordPress, I’d like to acknowledge some of the people who have contributed greatly to my experience. These first are those few who were around when I first started blogging, and remain my blogging companions a year later:

cjwriter.  What can I say about cj? He’s an old soul in a young body, as you’ll see if you read his poetry and stories. He’s a good and supportive friend. He’s also given me more tips about blogging and life than he realizes.

davidya. A spiritual seeker who writes so well and so convincingly he actually gets me to reconsider my position! He investigates many things which interest me, and presents them eloquently.

Deirdra. I started reading her blog before I started blogging. She showed me what a blog could be and how one can express through it. I don’t think she knows she showed me that—she does now.

Felipe, a spiritual quester, is a curious, talented (he can dance! he can sing!) seeker who knows more about travel and life than I can assimilate in one lifetime.

MrGnome is a scientist and musician (a great combination in my opinion!) He’s interested in a lot of spiritual things, and in finding out the truth about governments. He drops in now and then with his engaging humor and insight.

Poetman. Our friendship started over a misunderstanding, and has since unfolded like a flower.

raincoaster is queen of blogging, forum queen, and queen of pretty much anything she wants to be. She has helped me with my forum questions and entertained me endlessly on her own blog.

Rich, of The Sacred Path. Originally a forum friend, his quiet spirituality remains in the background of my thoughts.

Rikard must first have found me in the comments over at Deirdra’s place. He’s a terrific game designer and musician, but I most appreciate his philosophical perspective. (And I love to hear him play his horns.)

sulz. An amazing person in many ways. So much so, that I used my invited guest post on her blog to talk about her.

timethief. We initially found qualities we liked in each other, and were able to support each other through some emotional turning points. She is now diversifying; she still touches my life.

yogini just showed up one day. From whence I do not know. She inspires me, challenges me, and reassures me. For this I am grateful.

Anthony North, B0bbyG, dissfunktional, ellaella, joanharvest, joyfulseeker, Kate, katm, kaylee, Magik Quilter, Ronnie Ann, stonehead, teeveebee, thebeadden, walkingbetween, Will Rhodes: I now cannot imagine my blogging life without you—You just are of slightly more recent vintage! 🙂

There are a few folks I’ve been aware of for some time, but we’ve interacted more recently:

Ian, of Letters Home to You; Moonbeam McQueen; and Grace of The Wild Pomegranate

One or two have been somewhat “missing in action” lately. I miss them, but there are signs they may be back:

abbydonkrafts (my first commenter!) Colourful Vision (who taught me some French!) Juan (who agrees with me about human interaction!) Netty Gritty (who makes me laugh. a lot.) RubyShooz (who continues to teach me about peace.)

And there are a few folks I’ve just met very recently. I don’t know where these will go, but that’s part of the fun of blogging: abritdiffernt, Creative Expressions, CuriousC, kyknoord, and Shane

I’m looking at changing some things on this blog in the next few weeks, and I’m actually considering joining a couple of social networks. (gasp!) Thank you, all of you, for enhancing, enriching, and enchanting my life in ways I couldn’t have imagined just a year ago. Bloggers rock!

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