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My blog as a work of art

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I had a busy and emotional weekend (including in the blogging world) so I’ll post some lighter fare to start the week. I thought I’d save you all some time, by letting you read my entire blog all at once:

Here's my blog, all at once

Here's my blog, all at once

I learned of Wordle from Deirdra. It’s a lot of fun to play with.

I found this gratitude dance video over at yogini‘s place. Do check out her video page, she’s got lots of really uplifting videos there. I’d posted about the Gratitude Dance, and how fun, silly, and heartening I thought it was. This one travels all over the world, is even more wonderful, and as I watched I said to myself “I know a blogger there…and there…and there!!!” I’ll bet you find Gratitude Dancers in your city or area. This is moving, on so many levels; some of them political; some social. The smile never left my face for the entire four minutes…I just love the world! 🙂 (Be sure to click on “watch in high definition”.)

This last one has “been around the Internet” a lot lately, so you may have seen it. If not, and if you like animals at all, I dare you to watch it without shedding a tear. I know some of these kinds of things may be staged, but it surely looks genuine to me. [21/2 minutes]

I hope this has helped to put a little happiness into your day. [This post is graphically intensive, so my apologies to you slow loaders. (By that of course I just mean your Internet connection; not you, personally! 😛 )]

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